is it ever okay to forgive a cheater here are 6 signs that everything may be all right

Modern dating and relationships are complicated, and it can be hard to know what to do, especially when it comes to monogamy. When talking about faithfulness in committed relationships, this complexity becomes clear.


In a world where it's not always clear what cheating is and where mental or physical connections outside of the relationship can happen, figuring out if someone is willing to forgive becomes a very important task. Are there clear rules, limits, or signs to follow? Can a couple set rules ahead of time to avoid possible heartbreak? We talked to Marlee Rubel, a therapist for couples, about this topic because we wanted to get an expert's take on something so important.

Our conversation with Rubel began by probing the age-old question: are there telltale signs of a cheating partner? While specific indicators might not point to cheating, trust emerges as the linchpin in this dynamic. Evaluating trust may prove more insightful.

Rubel explains, "While certain signs may hint at dwindling trust, I often encourage clients to consider if the question of trust is more significant than identifying signs of a partner's infidelity. If trust appears to be lacking, addressing this concern and working through it collaboratively can be more fruitful than seeking clues that might exacerbate the trust deficit for all parties involved."

When it comes to forgiving a partner who has cheated, there are many ways to handle expectations. Here are six things to think about:

#1: Your View of Cheating

Establishing a shared understanding of cheating is pivotal. While uncomfortable, delineating the boundaries of fidelity can provide clarity in navigating intricate situations. This is especially crucial when distinguishing between emotional and physical infidelity.

Rubel underscores this communicative aspect, noting, "While breaching physical relationship agreements might seem more straightforward in terms of infidelity, emotional cheating can result in equally profound ruptures. However, partners might define emotional cheating differently, making it essential to discuss and establish these definitions preemptively, allowing space to address potential breaches that may not have been intended to deceive."

#2: Willingness to Attempt Forgiveness

Like any endeavor, the cornerstone of forgiveness lies in a willingness to try. "Knowing if you can forgive might be elusive, but understanding your willingness to try is within reach," Rubel explains.

In cases where trust breach occurs in an otherwise reliable partnership, healing can reinforce the bond, addressing underlying issues that led to agreement violations. Yet, if one is certain forgiveness isn't viable, it's preferable to liberate both individuals from the pain by severing ties with the cheater.

#3: Belief in Trust Rebuilding

Rebuilding trust collaboratively rather than unilaterally is pivotal. Overcoming the hurdle of a cheating partner demands concerted effort.

"Some individuals uphold beliefs about infidelity that resist challenge, rendering cheating an insurmountable breach," Rubel notes. "Forgiveness becomes more feasible when both partners harbor the willingness to perceive the potential for repair beyond those beliefs. However, rebuilding trust demands joint effort, involving understanding the incident's context and working towards trust reconstruction."

#4: External Support

Exploring external support, like couples' therapy, can be invaluable in overcoming infidelity's complexities.

"Couples' therapy provides a structured platform for healing facilitation, allowing partners to engage with their emotions and needs without the added pressure of navigating 'correct' responses," suggests Rubel. Enlisting a couples' therapist can address underlying issues pre-existing infidelity, facilitating comprehensive healing.

#5: Meaningful Dialogue

Attempts to restore trust often involve control, but meaningful connection hinges on trust rather than control.

"Meaningful connection thrives on trust, not control, even in the aftermath of breached boundaries. Resorting to stringent rules in response to trust erosion hampers trust's restoration. Instead, meaningful conversations should focus on comprehending the why and how of infidelity, facilitating clear agreements for the future," emphasizes Rubel.

Effective dialogue entails shared alignment. "Partners frequently assume common expectations and agreements based on terminology, but it's crucial to continually explore what these terms signify to each partner, considering personal growth and unique histories," Rubel adds.

#6: Confronting Anger

Rubel acknowledges that heightened emotions often persist during reconciliation. "Releasing anger isn't always necessary. Instead, we can coexist with anger and pain, navigating repair alongside those who caused us hurt."

While relinquishing negative emotions is potent, their tenacity necessitates acknowledging and managing them. "Anger may endure, but living with it and seeking support when it surfaces, particularly when striving to rebuild, is a viable path. Seeking reassurance in the partnership's progress and trust restoration is essential," Rubel concludes.

The Bottom Line

As we go through the complicated process of forgiving after cheating, keep in mind that every relationship is different and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The way to healing is to know your own limits, encourage open communication, and think about whether or not confidence can be rebuilt. If the journey goes in different directions, there can still be closure.

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