is once a cheater always a cheater

Is Once a Cheater Always a Cheater?

Sometimes men live a long time in marriage and due to their work they do not notice almost anything around them, so they can get past their wife's infidelity. And sometimes the husband knows that his wife is cheating on him, but he loves her so much that he is ready to turn  a blind eye to it, tolerate it, to share her with another man, just to keep her. Well, if you are the version when you find out about his wife's cheating, you are at a loss and do not know what to do? Is cheating worth forgiving? Will your spouse continue to cheat?

Responsibility for cheating

First, let's talk about responsibility. There is a saying that people go to no one, but from someone. But in fact, since the relationship involves two, and are responsible accordingly.

For example, a woman seeks a relationship on the side because of sexual dissatisfaction, it's her problem, a man earns money hard and doesn't give her the sex she needs - it's his problem, but what was done to at least discuss it is a shared problem.

The same situation "he doesn't pay enough attention to me" is her problem, "I'm too busy" is his problem, "let's try to solve it" is already a common problem.

It is enough to enter into communication to have at least three ways out of the situation - to break up for good and not hurt each other, to compromise and stay together, to take a break and think things over.

All of this is possible if the fact of infidelity has already been established, but if not? How do suspicions arise?

The main reasons for cheating by a woman are several:

  1. Sex.
  2. Dissatisfaction with the relationship.
  3. The desire to become desirable again.
  4. To relive falling in love.
  5. Impulsive (emotional) act.
  6. Low self-esteem.
  7. Desire for divorce.
  8. Revenge, as retaliation for her husband's infidelity (for insults, humiliation).

If a woman is unfaithful, she is bound to have changes in her normal behavior. In general, if a woman is determined to cheat, she begins to behave as she did when she was dating her husband. She is also ready to impress someone.

New lingerie, hairstyles, new clothes, careful hygiene, more frequent meetings with girlfriends, an unloaded phone, a new hobby, restricting her husband's access to gadgets, and more form a chain of suspicions. Especially if the answers are often indecipherable and accompanied by displays of anger. In another case, the woman will become unnaturally caring.

There is a subtlety, the physiological signs of treason is almost impossible to hide, no matter how skillful a woman is: the smell, makeup, hair, etc.

 In addition the behavior of women after the betrayal secret signals:

  • refusal of sex;
  • passivity in bed, or conversely;
  • the emergence of new skills in sex.

Jealous husband can immediately notice the changes in a woman, but it also happens when everyone around you say that his wife is cheating, and he does not believe it and will only believe when he saw cheater in bed.

The husband always has the ability to recognize the problem and begin to solve it at the initial stage - tenderness and attention, compliments and surprises, communication ( conversation and listening skills). Constantly work on yourself, on relationships, on improving your life together spiritually and materially. After all, even in psychology it is considered that a woman will cheat only in exceptional cases.

Reasons for repeated cheating

From this it is easy to guess the reasons for repeated cheating. If you have not solved the problems that led to the infidelity, if your wife still feels lonely, if you also pay attention to anything but her, then she will look for what is missing on the side.

On the other hand, it could be your wife's personality and not related to you in any way. She may be by nature a person who enjoys cheating. She is excited by the possibility of being caught, by secrets and tricks. Or she just wants to diversify her life with another partner.

How to check spouse cheating?

It is considered that a man cheats on a woman more often than vice versa.  In fact women are more carefully to hide treason, carefully select a partner and go to the betrayal in the extreme case, sometimes do not even get to the action, because women's treason is more often emotional, such as infatuation.

Therefore, in order to detect cheating, it is best to use non-verbal ways. In today's world, cheating does not have to be physical, it is enough to find an online interlocutor who understands your spouse, and before you know it, this interlocutor starts courting your wife.

So you can start by using the service iFindCheaters to catch cheating spouse. With its help, you can find her accounts in social networks, dating sites and even Tinder.

The service is fast, easy to use and anonymous. It contains separate products that are designed for a specific check. For example, for Tinder, you can use the Tinder profile search

And if your suspicions are not deep and you want to try out the service, you can use the free trial.

Also, the service comes in handy if you are already a victim of cheating and you are tormented by the question, "Once a cheater, always a cheater?"

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