jeff duncan and william timmons were accused of cheating in a radio ad

Recently, a radio ad from the political group "Restore Our Values" brought attention to Congressmen Jeff Duncan and William Timmons, who both work for the Upstate area. The ad made by GOP consultant Sean Wise, criticizes the two lawmakers for having some public ties. A new way how to catch someone cheating? Some powerful insights, or just false accusations? Let’s dive in analyze the facts!


Duncan and Timmons, who are in charge of the 3rd and 4th Congressional Districts, are accused of doing things that go against the "family values" they pushed during their campaigns. Wise, who started Restore Our Values, said that the group's purpose was to keep people informed and make lawmakers responsible.

The minute-long ad, which attacked two sitting U.S. House members at the same time, ran on WYRD FM from December 12 to December 14 and cost a total of $2,096. Wise is along with Aaron Talmadge and Ken Murphy as the group's top leaders. We tried to get in touch with them but were unable to.

Wise said that the ad was created in response to the talk about Duncan's family life and how he feels for a possible government shutdown. He also notes, that Duncan wasn't talking about personal problems to keep people from paying attention to his push for spending cuts. Duncan didn't say that.

Then Wise talked about Timmons' personal problems, like how he and his wife are going to split up after the 2022 elections. People said these issues were embarrassing. Wise said that both politicians were making people who support family values look bad.

As more people see the ad, political emotions rise in the Upstate area. A big helper to Timmons named Luke Byars said that Adam Morgan, who is running against him and is the head of the S.C. Freedom Caucus, had something to do with the ad. Morgan said they had nothing to do with it and that it was all an attempt to shift attention away from Timmons' apparently "scandal-scarred tenure."

It was made clear by Wise that Restore Our Values did not back Morgan and that they had never met him before. Politics in the Upstate seem very tense, with accusations, denials, and more talk about personal problems than about issues at hand.

"I think it's terrifying when people use personal issues as weapons in political arguments. Being honest and taking responsibility are good things, but letting everyone know about your private life can hurt your mental health and take away from important policy discussions." -- Wilda Harrison.

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