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It's hard to find your way around the dating world. As you try to make the perfect dating profile, the bigger question is whether or not it will lead to a real date. (Is that still even possible?) And if you do meet in person, how can you be sure he's not a liar, a cheat, or even worse, a scammer? The #MeToo movement has shown that many offenders do it over and over again. Where there is one victim, there could have been many more. Harassers often go after more than one woman. People who don't take rejection well (and sometimes even get violent) tend to do it again.



If you do a Listing Locator search, you can find public records that can help you figure out if what they say about their past and interests is true. iFindCheaters lets you find online names and accounts that weren't known about before. Look at their group of friends and family to see if they are like the person they say they are. Or, look closely at their recent photos to see if there are any signs of an especially close bond with someone else...

Start a Listing Locator background check right away.


People who have done bad things in the past are more likely to do them again. Use a background check to find out if he has a history of domestic violence, DUIs, drug-related arrests, aliases, or anything else that might make you think twice about getting closer to him. This can be a preventative step:

"I was helping a friend in need. She was in a controlling relationship with a man who monitored her conversations and texts. When I saw he had been arrested, I told her to go and booked her a flight home." Andrea, New Jersey

Remember that people with similar interests tend to hang out together. Don't forget to find out about his friends, too, and it’s not a problem with iFindCheaters’ basic plan.

How to find out if someone has dating profiles.


Fear that your partner is cheating on you is one of the worst things you can feel. Dating apps, texting, and private messaging have only made cheating easier, making it more tempting and harder to catch. This makes it easy to become paranoid. Who keeps calling him all the time? Does he send secret messages to old lovers and friends on Facebook? He might not be cheating yet, but he might be headed in that direction.

Many women have used iFindCheaters, trying to find cheating husband, to know the truth, and finally move on with their lives:

One smart and careful woman tried an email search on her boyfriend's email address, which he still used to talk to women on dating sites like Tinder, OkCupid and PlentyofFish.

The Bottom Line

Life is far too short to waste on someone who doesn't care about you or treat you with the respect you deserve. Try iFindCheaters for free, the best way to catch a cheater, whether you have doubts about your partner or are looking for new connections. Remember, your searches are private.

However, be cautious! As Jennifer Pearson, a relationship psychologist, warns: "While safety is important, relying only on background checks and online investigations could make you more suspicious. When you think too much about past actions as a sign of future ones, you miss the chance to grow and change. To make real connections, you need to be careful and open at the same time, and you can't just rely on digital tools."

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