man caught in an affair with cousin and mother in law on his wedding night

Surprisingly, a man from the middle of the country finds himself caught in a scandalous affair that started the night before his wedding. The couple, who are now in their mid-30s, got married ten years ago and built a life together with two kids and successful careers. With many trips abroad, their life seemed perfect and painted a picture of peace at home.


On the surface, their life seemed perfect, but there was a truth that was far from peaceful. As to what the woman has shared with the legal representatives Sharin and Gadli Solan, the fracture in their relationship dates back to their wedding day.

Unsettling news comes out: while the bride was with her cousin, the groom snuck a quick kiss with his own cousin during the wedding festivities, breaking the rules and ruining the holy night of the wedding.

The bride's mother found out about their affair by accident and, to protect her daughter, decided to keep the truth from her.

Reflecting on the past, the woman conceded, "My mother's silence that night was intended to shield me, but her decision to withhold the truth was a mistake."

It becomes evident that suspicions of her husband's infidelity had cast a shadow over their marriage for years. Opting to disregard the signs, she accepted his oft-repeated excuses, all in a bid to preserve a peaceful life for their children and herself.

Recent legal documents have brought a shocking twist to light, with the intervention of the mother-in-law. Through WhatsApp exchanges, she stumbled upon numerous messages between her daughter's husband and herself, where he persistently pursued meetings.

Recounting her ordeal to attorney Sherin Solan, the mother-in-law revealed, "I had hoped he would cease his philandering, but his audacious persistence left me no choice. I had to disclose everything, even the incident from the wedding night."

She added, "I believed he would learn, but there's a limit to jests."

The woman remains undaunted by her husband's wedding night betrayal. She recollected, "Mere days after our wedding, my cousin vanished from my life, never to cross our threshold again, despite our former close bond."

Following the conversation with her mother, the woman decided to take action, leading her to initiate proceedings with the rabbinate. However, it appears the destiny of the couple is already sealed, as the woman is now pursuing an immediate divorce, rendering any mediation superfluous.

"What an awful situation! It's even hard to picture the betrayal and how those secrets will affect their marriage in the long run. Honesty is key, even if it hurts," says  Wilda Harrison, a psychologist.


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