nicole shanahan spoke in response to reports of an alleged affair with elon musk

There have been rumors that Nicole Shanahan, who used to be married to Sergey Brin, is cheating on him with Elon Musk. She recently denied the allegations in an interview, where she also stressed that they're just good friends.


A report in the Wall Street Journal last year said that Shanahan and Musk had an affair for a short time in late 2021. This caused big problems for her in the media. The article made it sound like this supposed tryst was the reason Brin filed for divorce and cut ties with Musk. But Shanahan's lawyer said the story was made up and didn't matter.

Both Musk and Shanahan denied having an affair. After the report came out, Musk even sent The Post a selfie of himself and Brin together.

During her first public interview addressing the situation, Shanahan clarified that she and Musk were friends who had discussed the potential of his brain chip company, Neuralink, for her daughter's autism treatment. She emphasized that their relationship was never romantic or intimate.

Shanahan expressed frustration over being unfairly labeled and stigmatized due to false assumptions. She explained that the interaction with Musk was a meaningful conversation about life and supporting one another, and being portrayed negatively for it was unjust.

While acknowledging that she and Musk were part of the same social circle in Silicon Valley, Shanahan clarified that he was not among her closest friends.

Shanahan mentioned having a strong sense of who might have leaked the story to the Journal and their potential motivations. Despite understanding the practical reasons behind it, she expressed forgiveness and a desire to move forward.

The interview also touched on the end of Shanahan's marriage to Brin. She reportedly smiled upon receiving an email confirming the finalization of their divorce during the sit-down.

Currently, Shanahan is in a relationship with Jacob Strumwasser, the vice president of Lightning Labs. The couple met at Burning Man and opted for a "love ceremony" in May rather than a traditional wedding.

The alleged affair sparked speculation about a potential rift between Musk and Brin, both influential figures in the tech industry. Brin had previously provided funding to Tesla during its challenging times in 2008.

Wilda Harrison, a relationship psychologist, said that it's natural for Nicole Shanahan to feel angry and unfairly judged when she is under so much public scrutiny. "Be aware of how your social circles affect how others see you and to think about the possible unintended consequences of keeping certain relationships. Shanahan's focus on forgiving and moving on shows how strong he is in the face of hardship."

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