10 reasons to choose open relationships

So, here you are, intrigued by the concept of open relationships, wondering if it aligns with your life or if it's a path you should tread upon.

Perhaps your partner brought up the idea, or maybe it's been simmering in your mind for a while, and you're seeking more perspectives. Heck, you might even be here out of sheer boredom – and that's perfectly fine! Knowledge is power, after all.


Let's dive into the realm of open relationships and uncover the ten reasons why it might prove beneficial for you:

1. Love Beyond Monogamy

Our society often presents choices as binary – an either-or scenario. Monogamy is no exception, regarded as the conventional, almost fairy-tale love story of finding "The One." Anything else is frequently viewed as unconventional, immoral, or simply wrong.

But is it really that black and white?

The answer isn't straightforward. Love can indeed thrive outside the boundaries of monogamy, but it's crucial to distinguish it from cheating. Boundaries make the difference – cheating breaches them, while non-monogamy generally operates within them. The specifics vary across couples, individuals, and relationships, forming the complex landscape of consensual non-monogamy.

And here enters the concept of open relationships, a form of ethical non-monogamy where couples permit additional individuals into their dynamic, often focusing on casual and sexual interactions rather than committed romance.

2. Shared Interest in Openness

Consent remains paramount in ethical non-monogamy. Both parties must be equally invested in this journey. The success of an open relationship hinges on mutual willingness to engage and set boundaries, both as individuals and as a couple.

Remember, consent isn't valid if coerced or granted under duress. This principle applies to every relationship and interaction.

3. Sexual Incompatibility

Sexual compatibility can be a complex issue, arising from differing libidos, preferences, or even geographical constraints. While non-monogamy isn't the immediate answer to sexual incompatibility within monogamous relationships, it can be considered as a last resort after exhausting other options.

4. Long-Term Dissatisfaction

Similar to the previous point, this applies to those who've historically found themselves sexually unsatisfied in their relationships. Prioritize counseling and intimacy exploration within the existing partnership before considering non-monogamy.

5. Exploring Intimacy While Committed

This is a judgment-free zone. If you and your partner yearn to explore sexual facets while maintaining commitment, it's valid. Perhaps the allure of New Relationship Energy (NRE) is tantalizing, even though it comes with its own set of challenges.

6. Embracing the Unconventional

Sometimes, curiosity drives the need to explore the uncharted territories of open relationships. It's about disproving preconceived notions and demonstrating that love can transcend conventional norms.

7. Effective Communication

Undoubtedly, COMMUNICATION IS CRUCIAL. Entering consensual non-monogamy requires transparent conversations about needs, boundaries, and emotional connections. It's not a one-time deal but a continuous process of adjustment and growth.

8. A Paradigm Shift in Love

Opening up to non-monogamy demands a profound shift in perceiving love. Be ready to embrace this change, recognizing that your perspective might transform, shaping your future approach to love and relationships.

9. Avoiding Relationship Salvage Attempts

If you're considering open relationships as a last-ditch effort to save a failing partnership, think again. Adding more complexity won't mend an already broken foundation. Prioritize self-awareness and address underlying issues before venturing into non-monogamy.

10. Self-Assuredness and Relationship Security

Love begins with self-confidence. Before introducing the dynamics of open relationships, ensure you're secure in your self-identity and the partnership. This path demands a strong foundation to withstand potential challenges.

The Bottom Line

Wilda Harrison, a relationship psychologist, says that not everyone should be in an open relationship, even though some people may find them appealing. "Contrary to what most people think, not everyone does well in non-monogamous relationships. For many, the difficulties and possible emotional risks are greater than the benefits that supporters say they offer. Put emotional health and stability first in relationships, even if that means sticking to more traditional rules."

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