5 myths about cheating

Infidelity causes the one who is cheated on to feel pain, to lose trust, and the one who is cheated on to feel less guilt. It would seem that all of these things about cheating are unquestioning truths, but the human experience is far more varied than we know it to be. While many of us think of infidelity as unacceptable behavior, there are some myths that we actually often take for granted. "Husband walks around so men all walk around, husband left - your own fault, you don't leave good ones, wife cheating? not paying enough attention, not giving gifts, the whole problem is sex, etc.. " 

So many myths are born that are reinforced in the minds of women and men and drive them into stereotypes of double standards.

Myth 1: If you really love your partner, you’ll remain faithful

For example one of the myths is that love insures against cheating. 

It is believed that the main reason for treason is the lack of love, that when a man is truly in love, he will not even look in the direction of other women. At the beginning of a relationship most of us believe that fidelity - an obligatory component of love, in the euphoria of love, we firmly believe that we are unable to feel even a moment of interest in someone else.

Love is love, but the relationship has many components, which include a joint pastime and common interests, and sex and life. And when there is something missing in the relationship, then treason is quite possible and so is a great love. 

Lack of love and attention from the spouse, the desire to feel more independent (the thought that you belong to someone forever can be pretty scary), can lead to treason, despite the love. 

Let's look at it this way, whether couples put love first as an insurance policy for fidelity. Turns out they don't. Most often the reason for marital fidelity is called morality (that is something with a high probability imposed from outside) often related to upbringing, religiosity and the example of his family and even the fear of being alone, but not the lack of attraction to other people. Married people are looking for emotions on the side, which they lack at home, and the desire to sleep with someone or just chatting absolutely does not mean that the person does not love his partner or wants to break up with him. 

For example, the small emotional range of someone's love-loving partner can lead to a search for a romantic lover to find a mental balance, a nature of subtle feeling. Many people share love and physical intimacy, so adultery does not mean there is no love. There is always a possibility that the person continues to love, but neglects the purity of the relationship

Myth 2: Your partner will not cheat on you if you diligently fulfill all his sexual whims.

The same goes for sex, it is not an insurance against cheating either.  It is commonly believed that people cheat more often when they do not get what they want in sex. In fact this is a maximum simplification of the situation and another myth. You must always remember that adultery has a complex of reasons of which one, of course, will prevail, but still always this complex.  The emotional component is very important and if the partner does his best in sex, there is always the possibility of attraction to something unknown, causing stronger emotions.

Myth 3: Most married people don’t cheat.

Marriage is also no insurance against cheating is the third myth. Adultery happens far more often than we might think. Whatever you want to call adultery, adultery, or adultery, it is a (sexual) relationship between a person in a marriage and a person who is not the other spouse. In some countries, a voluntary commitment by spouses not to have sexual partners on the side is part of the culture, and in some countries, violation of such commitments can lead to legal action for compensation and divorce. These are perhaps the main reasons that can keep married people from cheating.

Myth 4: Having a child can protect you from cheating.

There is also the myth that having a child or children can be insurance against cheating. Nothing can keep a man in the family if he decides to leave, not one child, not two, not three. What is there to say about adultery? Of course having children in the family cannot prevent cheating.  Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent cheating, we can affect only ourselves, and cheating is about another person.Dissatisfaction with any aspect of life together can be a factor in cheating. 

Myth 5: Most cheating occurs while intoxicated.

It is a myth. Alcohol reveals a person and reveals that which he has so long and carefully concealed in himself. If a person under the influence of alcohol decides to cheat, it means that he originally wanted to do it. Alcohol is an easy way to bridge the gap between thought and action.

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