7 signs your wife is cheating with neighbor

If you suspect your wife of cheating on you, and in addition you have a muscular, handsome neighbor who you once again find in your house with a crescent wrench or screwdriver in his hand and in a nude work overalls (like Kurt Russell in Overboard), it is likely that your suspicions are not unfounded. Add to this the inability to hold a screwdriver and crescent wrench, as well as overload at work and lack of attention to his wife, and now the suspicions become a fact. How do you know if it's your paranoia caused by work overload and lack of sleep, or...

Pay attention to your wife, look closely, listen, observe, ask the right questions carefully and maybe then you do not have to spend money on treatment of his paranoia in a psychotherapist, and say, they have to spend on family therapy sessions, or in the extreme case of a lawyer.

Increased interest in the neighbor (often starts talking about him or asking others about him).

 So the first sign that there may be cheating is of course the conversations: "Have you seen the romantic color of our neighbor's fence, and you saw his new pool, I have never seen pools this shape, and as you new frame for the window at the neighbor, does not it seem that it stands out too much in front of the house, and what funny he put the mailbox, (with thoughtful cheerful smile on his wife's face), and his new BBQ, he just special ... ". And if you listened to what your wife is babbling, you would be very surprised, because you see the gray fence every day, the pool is still round, the frame is the same as the other six, except that the mailbox has a rooster, and the barbecue bought, well what's so special. Wait, she said "and his new barbecue..., it's just special," special barbecue or still a neighbor? That's how it starts, first, the objects surrounding your neighbor are presented as -mysterious, magical, fabulous, and then your wife's speech begins to inform you that a superhero lives next door to you.

Your wife starts comparing you to your neighbor.

And well, if you hear how your neighbor last summer rafted down a mountain river, the raft overturned and he heroically rescued five friends, or saved two children in a fire, or having a magical eloquence, persuaded a suicide not to jump from a bridge. But no, more often than not you will hear that your neighbor heroically saved a cat who was afraid to jump from the tree planted last year, your neighbor performed a feat, mowing the lawn of the neighbor to the left and your own (already started) and finally an unprecedented act of heroism, which all the heroes of the Marvel universe could not even dream of, your neighbor saved the life of an 80-year-old deaf neighbor, braking hard and stopped 10 cm from him when he thoughtlessly ran across the road in a wrong place.

And then, like a snowball, and here you already begin to compare with this superhero. You never have time for the neighbor's kitten, for the elderly neighbor Rosa's lily, for the lawn, for the faucet, for the pipes, for the kitchen color, for the hallway, but your neighbor manages everything and everywhere.

Your wife starts asking your neighbor for help on her own initiative.

Remember the beginning with the crescent wrench? Well, this could be a reality. Especially if your wife has been asking to inspect a leaky pipe, a creaking door, or some other little thing that's been annoying for a long time. And since you didn't have time, a kind neighbor decided to help with the trouble.

Frequent absence without a clear explanation.

Yes, yes, if your wife disappears inexplicably and for no reason, that's a pretty obvious sign of adultery, especially if she disappears into your neighbor's house.

Still, it's worth paying attention to, your relationship is in jeopardy.

A sudden change in behavior.

Infinitely thoughtful, dreamy look of the wife, a wandering smile on her face, it's as if she is hovering in the clouds. Possible dramatic mood swings, unrestrained laughter, then tears, in any case, strong emotions and their sudden change, characteristic of women who have come off the family path.

In addition, it is possible to observe changes in appearance, new hair, manicures, waxing, depilation, etc., make-up at home, sexy clothes at home, such as frank sundresses.

Decreased interest in physical intimacy.

Also one of the obvious signs. If the wife's sexual desire decreases, then she gets it elsewhere.

Of course we are not talking about those cases where such changes are not constant and are due to objective reasons.

It is important to analyze your intimate life at the beginning of their suspicions, because if you have had sex extremely rarely for several years, then suddenly you should not be surprised.

Suspicious communication 

Unexpected calls after hours, conversations with a new girlfriend, messages that come in packs, as well as the appearance of a password on your device, all of this suggests possible adultery, or at least the possible beginning of adultery.

By the way, if your wife was not an active smartphone user, and is now actively interested in all the "stuff" of the gadget, try to check what applications she has installed, and try tofind wife on Tinder.

How to check if your wife is a cheater? 

If you notice some of these signs or even the whole set, but are still not completely sure, you can always try to get help. There are many online services that help youfind wife on a dating site.

For example, you can try iFindCheaters. It is a reliable tool that has a wide range of features, and most importantly a free attempt. It is easy to use, doesn't take much time, and most importantly is completely safe.

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