natalie portman and her husband split up after alleged infidelity

After an 11-year marriage and two children together, the recent split between Natalie Portman and her husband Benjamin Millepied might not be entirely surprising, considering the cloud of alleged infidelity hanging over their relationship.


The couple's journey commenced in 2010 when they crossed paths on the set of the acclaimed film Black Swan. Their connection deepened, leading to their marriage on August 4, 2012. This union brought forth two children: son Aleph, born on June 17, 2011, and daughter Amalia, born on February 2, 2017. Portman marked their decade-long anniversary with an affectionate Instagram tribute to Millepied, stating, "Ten years today @benjaminmillepied, and it keeps getting better..." Millepied reciprocated the sentiment on his Instagram Story, captioning a photo with "10 years today!" accompanied by a wedding ring emoji.

Beyond their partnership in Black Swan, Portman and Millepied united their talents once more in her 2018 film Vox Lux. Reflecting on this collaboration, Portman shared her thoughts on Millepied's role in choreography: "It was really fun because I think he knows me so well, and what my strengths and weaknesses are in dancing, that he was really able to create choreography very seamlessly and quickly because we had very little time." She commended his expertise, highlighting the beauty of witnessing his creative process.

The unraveling of Portman and Millepied's relationship arrived on the heels of reports concerning Millepied's alleged infidelity. Following the revelation, they embarked on attempts to salvage their marriage, but these endeavors proved unsuccessful. An insider disclosed to Us Weekly on August 7, 2023, that they are currently "on the outs."

On what would have been their 11th wedding anniversary, Portman was spotted without her wedding ring. Photographed attending an event for her National Women's Soccer League team, Angel City FC, she arrived at the Sydney Opera House on August 4.

In the wake of the affair allegations involving Millepied and 25-year-old climate activist Camille Étienne, Portman initially hoped for reconciliation. Sources reported that Portman regarded the affair as a fleeting and unwise liaison that held minimal significance to Millepied. She was open to the possibility of rebuilding trust for the sake of their children, hoping to prevent them from growing up in a broken home. While uncertainty shrouded their future, both sources and a statement from People conveyed that Portman's primary focus was preserving her children's well-being and privacy.

In the aftermath of these revelations, Page Six published images of Portman and Millepied in a park with their children, depicting Portman as visibly distressed during a conversation with her husband. The couple's expressions and emotions, however, could also be attributed to the paparazzi's presence.

Insiders revealed the shock among Portman's friends and colleagues regarding Millepied's alleged infidelity. The situation, they shared, has prompted her friends to maintain a considerable distance from Millepied. While Portman discovered the affair approximately three months prior, Millepied expressed remorse and sought forgiveness. Portman exhibited her bravery by granting another chance to their marriage, though it was noted that addressing the trust issues arising from this incident would likely require years of therapy.

As the public and media observe this challenging chapter in Portman's life, her focus remains steadfast on the well-being of her children, while she navigates the complexities of a very personal ordeal.

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