national spouses day january 26

National Spouses Day – January 26

January 26 is National Spouses' Day. This is a national holiday in the USA. It also began to be celebrated in Great Britain, and then married couples picked up the tradition of congratulating each other and spread it almost worldwide.

When to Celebrate National Spouse’s Day?

2023January, 26Thur
2024January, 26Fri
2025January, 26Sat
2026January, 26Sun
2027January, 26Mon

Who Created National Spouse Day?

Some say the holiday was first celebrated as Military Spouses Day, created in 1984. Nowadays, this holiday is dedicated to all couples, not only military ones, and is celebrated worldwide. In addition to Valentine's Day, January 26 is almost the only date when spouses can take time out of their busy schedules and share their feelings. This is a chance to please your wife or husband and strengthen your relationship.

How to Celebrate?

The celebration is dedicated to married couples. Husband and wife congratulate each other in postcards and poems, buy gifts and have dinner with their relatives. You can compliment your loved one with words, but it is better to present a small donation. The following options are suitable:

  • Photo album or photo book with joint pictures;
  • Thematic jewelry;
  • Heart-shape cake;
  • Souvenir;
  • Video clip.

You can pre-order some matching items (rings, identical T-shirts with inscriptions, bathrobes, and slippers). A loved one will like such a cute present. Then these things may remind you of a minor holiday for a long time.

Spouse’s Day is a great reason to have a romantic candlelit dinner and enjoy the company of your partner. It would be best to prepare for a romantic dinner in advance because the festive atmosphere does not arise by itself. A specially decorated interior with a romantic theme, candles (ideally scented), and the dinner itself will help create a holiday feeling. And, of course, a glass of quality wine will be a great addition.

It is also not forbidden to congratulate other couples on this day. These may be friends or acquaintances, or relatives.

In most cases, limiting yourself to a phone call or personal meeting is worth limiting yourself. You can congratulate parents or well-known couples who have lived together for many years.

What Countries Celebrate Spouse’s Day?

The holiday is officially celebrated as a national holiday on January 26 in the USA and UK, but many other countries celebrate it too.

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