neymar and bruna biancardi welcome their first child 3 months after cheating rumors

Taking rumors seriously isn’t probably the best way to catch a cheating wife! Renowned soccer star Neymar and his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi have joyously welcomed their first child together, only three months following rumors surrounding Neymar's alleged infidelity.


Neymar, the Brazilian soccer sensation, and his partner Bruna Biancardi have announced the birth of their first child, a beautiful baby girl, on their social media platforms.

In a heartfelt joint message shared on October 7, translated from Portuguese, the coupleexpressed,"Our Mavie came to complete our lives. Welcome, daughter! You are already very loved by us... thank you for choosing us."

The social media post featured a series of photographs capturing Neymar, who is also a father to 12-year-old son Davi Lucca with his former partner, Carolina Dantas, alongside Bruna in the hospital, cradling and showering affection on their newest family member.

Remarkably, the birth of their baby girl transpired merely three months after Neymar, who plays for the Al Hilal club, confronted rumors surrounding his alleged unfaithfulness to Bruna. It was in April 2022 that Neymar first publicly confirmed his relationship with Bruna.

On June 21, Neymarpublished a post on Instagramto address the rumors in a post featuring the couple, writing, "I do this for both of you and your family. Justify the unjustifiable. No need to. But I need you in OUR lives. I saw how much you were exposed, how much you suffered with all of this and how much you want to be by my side. And I stand beside you."

Within this message, the 31-year-old soccer star acknowledged that he had "acted wrongly," although he did not explicitly reference infidelity. He conveyed the deep impact of his actions on "one of the most special people in my life—the woman I dreamed of standing beside, the mother of my child."

Neymar clarified that he had already privately apologized to the model, who he had informed about his impending fatherhood two months prior. Nevertheless, he felt the need to reiterate his apology publicly because "if a private matter has become public, the apology has to be public."

Furthermore, Neymar pledged to put forth his utmost effort to make their relationship thrive, stating, "Our purpose will prevail, our love for our baby will win. Our love for each other will make us stronger. ALWAYS US."


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