open relationship what is it and why is it for couples in love

Open Relationship: What Is It And Why Is It for Couples in Love?

Most people consider open relationships an incomprehensible phenomenon. In contrast, those with the opposite view can see the positive aspects of this social phenomenon, which, in their opinion, can lead to greater freedom and self-expression of partners in relationships.

What Is an Open Relationship and Open Marriage?

Open relationships are an individual choice of a man and a woman. There is no specific definition of the concept. However, one thing is clear – this is a relationship in which partners, considering themselves a couple or a family, can establish love or friendship with the opposite sex. Such a union is based on mutual trust and respect for the right to complete freedom. They build family without pressure, claims, and inflated expectations.

Free relationships can be in marriage and among people who simply cohabit or meet. Celebrities in open relationships and famous couples in open marriages include Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and more stars.

It doesn't matter where they live – together or separately. The main thing is mutual attraction, sympathy, love, passion, and desire to give the partner complete freedom of action.

Who and Why Chooses an Open Relationship?

It is believed that such relationships are almost the only way to preserve the sharpness of feelings, tender romance, and novelty felt in a couple. But not all of us are ready for such experiments. Particular prerequisites are needed to choose love without obligations. They have centered around

  • human personality;
  • life experience;
  • orientations and perceptions of marriage;
  • views, moral and ethical principles.

Often, free relationships consist of extremely freedom-loving men and women. They have modern views without prejudices and social taboos, and complexes. The person can be bisexual, but not necessarily. They profess polygamy as a form of expression of their freedom and the highest degree of trust in their partner.

Friendship is another essential feature of open relationships. Partners are ready to go through life together and demonstrate deep affection, but at the same time, they do not want to limit themselves to monogamous relationships. And they find support for this desire in each other.

Advantages and Possible Difficulties of Open Relationships

The essence of open relations is not as cloudless and attractive as it seems and includes both positive moments and disadvantages.


  • Gaining new experiences and interests thanks to a more significant number of partners;
  • Intimate life is not dull due to various sexual experiences;
  • Freedom to express yourself in new ways with a second partner.


  • A possible cause of emotional pain is the realization that the partner has intimacy and enjoys communicating with someone else;
  • Increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • The development of sexual addiction as a way to escape personal problems;
  • Lowering the level of sexual attraction due to attempts to please several partners.

What are the Rules of an Open Relationship?

Do you want to embark on the path of polygamy? Being in a calm environment, it is best if partners write down their wishes and requirements. For example, you can make three lists and include mandatory things, desirable, and what is unacceptable.

What you discussed in the rules must be strictly observed. Otherwise, these relations have no sense, even if you have strong feelings for each other.

For example: ⠀

  1. Safe sex with different partners;
  2. Do not share details about external relations;
  3. Do not sleep with other partners in your bed;
  4. Do not go with other partners to your agreed places;
  5. You spend one day a week together;
  6. Do not call each other after a specific time;
  7. Do not make lovers permanently.

You write the rules, but the most significant advantage of open marriage is that you can change the rules whenever you feel uncomfortable.

Your Couple Is A Priority

Both of you must adhere to the idea that you are the most important thing to each other, so you have only one girl, and she has only one boyfriend. The rest are just partners for sex.

Be Honest

Never hide your partners, and keep quiet about dating. Tell the partner as honestly as possible about all your adventures, flirting, sex and dating. After all, you officially allowed each other to sleep with anyone.

Give Advance Notice of Plans

If you are going on a date with someone on Friday, inform your partner that you are busy this evening a couple of days before. Otherwise, you will have to face the dilemma of who to spend time with, and remember: official relationships always come first.

Set Boundaries

You only set the rules and boundaries, but you must do it from the beginning and agree to observe them strictly. Make a list of persons that are taboo for your partner. It can include your friends, colleagues, and relatives – which is quite understandable.

Do not Message Sex Friends with Your Partner

You do not message your sex friends when you spend time with your partner. Your partner is the most important thing for you and the most pleasant interlocutor, which means that thoughts about sex friends should take second place.

How to Check If Your Partner Violates the Rules of Open Relationship?

Several factors indicate that the partner goes beyond the boundaries of harmless entertainment and violates the rules established earlier. It would be unpleasant to find spouse on dating sites, cheat, and give money to webcam girls if you agreed not to do that.

  • A partner constantly corresponds with the same virtual partner.
  • Exchanging open messages becomes like an addiction, takes time and effort, and draws emotions and warmth that could be invested in a fundamental relationship with a real partner.
  • A cheater desperately wants to turn a virtual relationship into a real one. It doesn't matter if it's sex or platonic communication.
  • Messaging has become soul-to-heart communication, and the degree of trust and closeness is very high.
  • This situation seems wrong to you and destroys trust in your partner.

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Why would you do that? In open relationships, if you feel that the relationship brings discomfort, you need to have an honest and open conversation with your spouse and decide about moving to the second level or ending the relationship and going separate ways.

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