she was called a gold digger after telling her husband shed rather not have a spouse if she got rich

A 23-year-old woman and her 26-year-old husband were returning home after a rare day out, a precious commodity due to her demanding work schedule. Their conversation took an unexpected turn when her husband playfully suggested that she become a millionaire to escape the grind and spend more quality time together.


At first, she appreciated his desire for more togetherness and his recognition of her aspirations to break free from the corporate world. However, she questioned why the burden of becoming a millionaire had to fall solely on her shoulders. Her alternative proposal was for both of them to achieve millionaire status, so they could support each other when needed.

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No, it’s not a story where husband catches wife cheating. To her surprise, her husband firmly opposed her idea. He explicitly stated that he preferred her to be the millionaire. This response left her with a curious sense of discomfort. Subsequently, she confided in him that, were she to become a millionaire, she wouldn't desire a spouse. Instead, she longed for solitude, free from the expectations and demands of a partner.

His reaction was far from what she expected. He accused her of being a gold digger, suggesting that she was in the relationship to exploit him financially. Understandably, this deeply hurt her. She reminded him of her contributions to the relationship, providing him with a place to live, and the numerous times they had separated and reconciled, often at his behest.

In response to her recounting of their shared history, her husband seemed unfazed. He maintained that he had never insisted on her covering his bills or purchasing items for him. If he ever did ask for financial assistance, he contended that he always expressed his intent to repay her. In this retort, she found herself in a fit of laughter, walking away, assured of her position.

Over the years, her husband had frequently requested financial support. She cited instances when he matter-of-factly declared, "You're paying for me, right? Because you have to," or asserted, "I believe everything should be 50/50." She felt that true partnership should involve mutual support, yet she perceived little reciprocation from him.

While she held a job, her husband remained unemployed. Her expectation was simple: peace. However, she noted that he neither provided financial support nor offered her the emotional backing she needed. Before moving in with her, he had been residing with his mother, and she was the sole contributor to household expenses.

While she dedicated herself to work, her husband indulged in video games instead of contributing to their shared dream of purchasing land to build their dream home. Even the smallest tasks, such as taking out the garbage, would lead to arguments and resistance.

Upon reflection, she felt her candid admission that, if she became a millionaire, she would choose solitude, was entirely justified.


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