the rise in female infidelity 7 red flags

A recent study highlighted in The Atlantic has brought to light a significant increase in heterosexual women engaging in infidelity. Compared to the 1990s, there has been a staggering 40% rise in women cheating. While technology has undoubtedly made it easier for both men and women to be unfaithful, there's a deeper reason for this shift. Women are no longer content with "settling" or relying solely on their partners to fulfill their needs.


Renowned author and researcher, Dr. Helen Fisher, explains that the changing landscape of infidelity is all about choice. Women have become more aware of alternative relationship structures and are now demanding to have all their needs met, leading to a reduction in the gender gap when it comes to adultery.

Statistics on Female Infidelity

Studies reveal that approximately 19.2% of women surveyed have engaged in sexual infidelity within their current relationships. Shockingly, more than 50% of women admit to cheating on their partners. Additionally, data from Ashley Madison, a platform known for extramarital affairs, shows that women in their 30s are just as likely as men to seek such relationships. Furthermore, over 60% of affairs start in the workplace.

Recognizing Red Flags

Aside from the obvious signs of changes in routine or appearance, there are subtle red flags that might indicate a partner has moved beyond micro-cheating to full-fledged cheating.

1. She's Concerned About Your Fidelity

Cheaters often worry that their partners may be unfaithful as well. If your partner suddenly becomes fixated on your faithfulness, it could be a sign of projection.

2. Risky Behavior

Engaging in an affair can make individuals feel young and reckless, leading to increased risky behaviors, such as excessive alcohol consumption and unsafe sex.

3. Excessive Texting and Social Media Use

If she seems glued to her phone, texting more frequently, or spending excessive time on social media (including hidden profiles), it could be an indicator of secretive communication.

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4. Downplaying Infidelity

Guilty consciences sometimes lead cheaters to normalize their behavior, believing that everyone would do the same given the chance.

5. Shift in Attitude

A sudden increase in critical remarks may be a result of comparing you to someone else who meets her standards. Conversely, a lack of complaints about previous irritants could also raise concern.

6. Creating Timestamps

Setting up routines, especially in communication patterns, might be an attempt to cover tracks and conceal changes in day-to-day behavior.

7. Changing Entertainment Preferences

If she starts avoiding movies or stories about infidelity that she once enjoyed, it might be a sign that such themes hit too close to home.

Taking Action

If you suspect infidelity, there are steps you can take to gain peace of mind or initiate a conversation:

Find Your Partner on Dating Sites

Try out our service that scans a constantly growing number of international sites and apps. Discover how easy it is to monitor your partner’s online activity.

Perform a Background Checkup

You can get verification of the personal information your partner has given you. Search by name, by phone number, by email or physical address.

Have an Open Conversation

Address the issue with your partner and ask how she's feeling. Explore ways to rekindle emotional connections in the relationship.

While infidelity can be a challenging issue to confront, understanding the signs and engaging in open communication can pave the way to healing and resolution.

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