red flags what do they really mean

Imagine this scenario: you've just started dating someone. The connection is strong, the nightly texts light up your screen, and they give you those delightful butterflies in your stomach. Yet, as you spend more time together, certain things catch your attention.

  • They're disinterested in keeping up with current events.
  • After every dinner, they conveniently let others handle the dishes.
  • They label their ex as a "psycho."

So, you confide in your friends, expressing your uncertainty about these newfound characteristics. In response, they react with shock and repulsion, exclaiming, "Those are major red flags!" And just like that, your budding romance comes to an end.


What is a Red Flag?

The concept of "Red Flags" has infiltrated both online and real-life discussions about dating for years, spawning terms like "beige flags," "green flags," and "pink flags" within the same framework. This term, propelled by the internet, has become a part of everyday vocabulary, though often without comprehensive understanding.

But what exactly are red flags? Do they fairly denote negative traits or problematic views? Are they substantial grounds for ending a relationship, or for cutting someone off without explanation?

To delve into the realm of "red flags," we invited relationship expert Eleanor Butterworth to shed light on this phenomenon. We begin with a fundamental question: what are red flags?

According to Butterworth, red flags signify "early warning signs in relationships." These signs potentially foreshadow impending issues for either or both parties, indicating a need to terminate the relationship.

Indeed, red flags can be a valuable tool for maintaining a healthy dating life. Although relationship experts may not always employ the term "red flags," Butterworth notes that "professionals, particularly those dealing with volatile relationships, comprehend the concept of 'red flags.'"

However, professionals often opt for the term "risk factors" rather than "red flags."

Butterworth explains, "Risk factors are behaviors that empirical evidence and experience have linked to subsequent outcomes (of abuse). In this context, they can help paint a clearer picture of the risks an individual is facing, allowing tailored support."

While red flags, or risk factors, are not entirely objective, certain common behaviors can indicate a relationship is veering toward an unhealthy and potentially abusive trajectory.

Butterworth identifies these behaviors:

  • Controlling conduct, like dictating your attire or who you associate with.
  • Isolation, manifesting as a partner distancing you from loved ones, or both partners isolating themselves from the world, sometimes termed co-dependency.
  • Power imbalances, where a partner treats you as inferior, like a servant or a debtor.
  • Consistent criticism.
  • Erosion of trust, evident through jealousy, accusations, or surveillance.
  • Repetitive anger followed by regret.
  • Ignoring your personal boundaries.
  • Instances of physical or sexual abuse, such as intimidation, obstructing exit routes, threats, or coercion into sexual acts.

While red flags, or risk factors, hold significance in professional risk assessment, they are also employed more casually to describe traits that may be safe yet undesirable.

For instance, this might involve differing family aspirations or political affiliations. As Butterworth says, "It's vital to distinguish between 'red flags' reflecting personal preferences in relationships and 'red flags' signaling abuse risk. The former assists us in understanding ourselves better and finding compatible partners, while the latter pertains to safety and protection from abuse."

Can the term "red flag" be valuable in the context of dating?

I've experienced dates where I was asked about my red flags or what potential deal breakers someone should know about me. Although initially disconcerting—why share something so personal and self-critical with someone I hardly know?—I gradually realized that addressing this upfront has its merits.

If you inform me that it takes you weeks to respond to messages, I realize we might not be a match. And if this revelation doesn't deter me, it can alleviate my concerns about your delayed texts, as I understand it's not a personal slight. Of course, this question is best posed when the chemistry is already promising—grilling someone about their flaws six minutes into the first encounter isn't a winning strategy.

Moreover, identifying your own red flags can assist in sidestepping problematic relationships right from the start.

When it comes to more serious red flags, being familiar with what qualifies as a "warning sign" professionally could help you recognize when you might inadvertently harm someone else.

Butterworth emphasizes, "Sharing a collective comprehension of red flags ideally equips us to foster healthier relationships and support friends who might exhibit these behaviors. It offers us the language to converse with friends or family in risky relationships, enabling us to identify unacceptable conduct."

The Bottom Line

However, this terminology falls short when applied to personal preferences, wrongly branding partners who differ as incompatible due to contrasting desires.

In the complicated dance of love, figuring out the signs that trouble is coming can be both helpful and confusing. As you start to learn about "red flags," keep in mind that not all warning signs are the same. It's not enough to be able to spot possible problems; you also need to be able to tell the difference between personal quirks and signs of real concern.

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