relationship spectrum identifying healthy unhealthy and abusive relationships

Understanding how a relationship works is key to keeping it healthy and happy. Unfortunately, not every relationship is the same, and some can get unhealthy or even violent. This piece breaks down healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationship behaviors to help people figure out where their own relationship falls on the spectrum. By knowing the differences between these groups, people can take steps to make their relationship better or know when it's time to get help and end a bad relationship. In this article, we'll help you figure out where your relationship falls on the spectrum from healthy to abusive.

What Makes a Healthy Relationship?

A strong and healthy relationship is built on mutual communication, respect, and trust. It's important that both partners feel comfortable talking openly about problems and listening to each other's perspectives. Opinions, feelings, and needs should be valued and respected without judgement or criticism. Each partner should have the freedom to be themselves and be loved for who they are.

In a healthy relationship, trust is key. There should be no need to "prove" each other's trustworthiness, as both partners believe what the other has to say. Honesty is also important, but it's okay to keep some things private.

Equal decision-making is a hallmark of a healthy relationship. Major decisions should be made together, with each partner having equal say. All partners should have access to the resources they need to feel supported.

Setting boundaries is another important aspect of a healthy relationship. It's okay to enjoy spending time apart or with others, and partners should communicate their comfort levels to each other. Practicing consent is also crucial, with partners always willingly consenting to sexual activity and discussing what they are and aren't comfortable with.

Signs of Unhealthy Relationship

Here are some warning signs that your partner may not be treating you with the respect and care you deserve:

  • Non-communicative. When issues arise, you might find yourselves arguing or not discussing them at all.
  • Disrespectful. You or your partner might act inconsiderately towards each other.
  • Not trusting. Your partner may refuse to believe you or invade your privacy without permission.
  • Dishonest. You or your partner might lie, withhold information, or manipulate facts.
  • Taking control. One of you may try to suggest that their desires and choices are more important than the others.
  • Isolating. Your partner might restrict your contact with other people, whether in person or online.
  • Pressured into sexual activity. Your partner might use guilt or pressure to coerce you into sexual acts or reproductive choices.
  • Ignoring boundaries. It might be implied or assumed that only one partner is responsible for making informed decisions.
  • Unequal financially. You might not discuss finances and financial decisions might be made unilaterally or by only one partner.

Abusive Relationships Red Flags

Abusive relationships can be devastating to one's emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Here are some signs that your relationship may be abusive:

  • Harmful communication. Your partner uses language that is hurtful, threatening, insulting, or demeaning, causing you emotional distress.
  • Lack of respect. Your partner doesn't respect your thoughts, feelings, decisions, opinions, or physical safety.
  • Untrue accusations. Your partner accuses you of breaking the boundaries of your relationship without any evidence. They may also create situations that require you to "prove" your trustworthiness, such as asking for your social media passwords.
  • Controlling behavior. Your partner makes all the decisions in the relationship or in certain aspects, like finances, without considering your input.
  • Isolation. Your partner limits your contact with family and friends, controlling where you travel, who you talk to, or how you spend your time.
  • Forced sexual activity or reproductive control. Your partner pressures you into sexual activity you don't want or controls your reproductive choices.
  • Financial control. Your partner controls the money and access to resources, which stops you from making money or getting to your own money.
  • Manipulating children. Your partner may use your children to gain power and control over you by telling them lies or baseless criticisms about you.

Seek advice and assistance from loved ones and professionals if you or your partner exhibit any of these warning signs.


Relationships can be complicated, and it isn't always easy to tell when something is wrong. But if you know how to spot the signs of a bad or abusive relationship, you can make better decisions for your own health. 

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