stay close despite the distance 17 engaging ideas for long distance relationships

Engaging Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships have become increasingly common in today's world, with more and more couples facing the challenge of maintaining a strong connection while being physically apart. While being apart can be difficult, it does not have to harm your relationship. With technology at our fingertips, there are countless ways to stay connected and keep the spark alive even when we are separated by thousands of miles. In this article, we'll look at some fun and creative ways to strengthen your long-distance relationship and make the distance seem less daunting.

1. Plan regular virtual date nights

Whether you're in a long-distance relationship or just looking to mix up your routine, setting aside specific days for virtual date nights can be a fun way to spend quality time together. Get creative and dress up for the occasion, cook a meal together, and enjoy each other's company from afar. You can even set a theme for each virtual date night, like a wine and cheese night or a game night.

2. Send care packages to each other

It's the little things that count, and sending thoughtful care packages to your partner can show them how much you care. Include their favorite items, snacks, and little surprises that remind them of your time together. You can even make it a surprise by sending it to their workplace or home address.

3. Play online games together

Challenge each other to online games and have fun while bonding over friendly competition. Whether it's a simple game of Scrabble or an intense virtual game night with friends, playing games together can bring a playful and lighthearted energy to your relationship.

4. Read the same book and discuss it

Sharing a book can be a great way to connect intellectually with your partner. Pick a book that interests both of you and read it together. Discuss your thoughts, emotions, and insights with each other, and see how your perspectives may differ or align.

5. Have a movie night together

Movie nights don't have to be limited to physical theaters or living rooms. Settle down for a cozy movie night and watch the same movie at the same time while video chatting. You can even make it feel more special by sending each other snacks or drinks to enjoy during the movie.

6. Take an online class together

Learning something new together can be a bonding experience. Take an online class or course that interests both of you, whether it's a language class or a cooking class. Share your progress and encourage each other along the way.

7. Share your daily routines with each other

Sharing the little details of your daily routines can help your partner feel more connected to your life, even when you're apart. Let your partner in on your daily routines, share what you did during the day, and exchange funny stories about your experiences.

8. Write love letters to each other

Express your feelings and make your partner feel special by writing heartfelt love letters. Take the time to reflect on what you love about your partner and how they make you feel. This personal and intimate gesture can bring you closer together.

9. Send surprise gifts

Keep the romance alive by sending unexpected gifts to your partner. It doesn't have to be extravagant, just something that shows you're thinking of them. A bouquet of flowers, a thoughtful book, or their favorite dessert can go a long way.

10. Make future plans together

Dreaming and planning your future together can be an exciting and meaningful way to connect. Talk about your future plans and make goals together, whether it's planning a future trip or discussing long-term goals. This can give you both something to look forward to.

11. Set goals as a couple

Setting achievable goals as a couple can help you work together towards a shared vision. Whether it's personal or relationship-related goals, hold each other accountable and support each other along the way.

12. Share your dreams with each other

Share your deepest desires and aspirations with each other, and support each other in achieving them. This can help you both feel more connected and motivated in your individual pursuits.

13. Send voice notes or video messages

Leave sweet voice notes or video messages for your partner to wake up to or listen to during the day. Hearing your partner's voice or seeing their face can bring comfort and joy, even when you're apart.

14. Send cute selfies to each other

One way to keep the romance alive in a long-distance relationship is by sending cute selfies and photos to each other. These photos could be of you doing something fun or just a candid shot of your day. It's a simple way to show your partner that you're thinking of them and can brighten up their day. Plus, it's a great way to make them feel more connected to you, even if you're miles apart.

15. Send each other playlists of favorite songs

Music has a powerful way of bringing people together, even when they're physically apart. Create playlists of your favorite songs or songs that remind you of each other. You can listen to these playlists while you're going about your day or even when you're video chatting. It's a great way to share your musical tastes and create a shared experience, even when you're not in the same room.

16. Cook the same meal and have a virtual dinner date

Cooking a meal together can be a fun and intimate experience, even when you're miles apart. Choose a recipe that you both like, and then cook the same meal at the same time. Set the table with candles and have a virtual dinner date while you enjoy your meal together. It's a great way to share a meal and conversation, even if you're not in the same room.

17. Practice gratitude together

Finally, take a moment to express gratitude for each other and the relationship. It's easy to focus on the challenges of a long-distance relationship, but it's important to remember the positive aspects too. Take the time to appreciate each other and focus on the things that you love about your partner. Practicing gratitude can help you feel more connected and remind you why you're in this relationship in the first place.

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