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Tinder has a reputation for being a popular "hookup app" for young people, but people of all ages are finding love and even getting married with just a swipe of the screen. This tool is made to help people meet new people, but what if you're looking for someone in particular?


Running a search for a specific Tinder user isn't as easy as it might seem. Tinder says right out that you can't do it unless you know that person already. You can try changing your settings to see if the person shows up in your searches, but it's not a sure thing. A third-party tool is often the best way to find out if a certain person has a Tinder page.

For the many people who use dating apps, these tips could help you find what (or rather, who) you're looking for and could lead to an important connection that could lead to something more serious.

Searching People Directly on Tinder

If someone has a Tinder page, the more information you have about them, the more likely it is that you will be able to find it through the app's normal discovery process. How much knowledge is available depends on a number of things.

If you want to find out if your present partner has a secret "hookup" profile, you have the tools to look into it. But if you want to get back in touch with an old classmate or coworker, be ready to put in more work.

One way to do this is to try out possible usernames in the search bar. Put in[username] and check to see if it works. If not, try different ways to spell the person's name. Since many people use the same information on different platforms, this approach is worth trying.

You can also change your choices and likes so that the person you're looking for might show up as a possible match. How to change your settings:

  • Match your gender preference to theirs.
  • If you know the person's age, match your age preference to that age. If you don't know the person's age, make an educated guess and change it by one year after each failed try.
  • Change your location choices to match where the person is, which will make a "local" connection.
  • Do a search and swipe through the search results until you find the Tinder picture you want. If you don't find anyone, change the settings for age and area and try again.

But because Tinder's algorithms are complicated, these methods don't always work. It's hard to tell if you're not successful because the person doesn't have an account or because the app's matching process doesn't work for you. This is where tools from outside the company can shine.

Using Third-Party Tools to Find People on Tinder

There are two kinds of third-party tools that can help you find the right people on Tinder. In the first group are apps that only work with Tinder and try to get information from a person's Tinder page if they have one. Even though the quality of these apps varies, they often charge per search, which can add up quickly if you're learning by trial and error.

Most of the time, using tools to find people is helpful. Tinder Blaster, for example, lets you look with a name, an address, or an email address. After that, it gives you all the possible Tinder profiles that match your search. If you’re not sure, if your partner’s using Tinder, iFindCheaters is the best way to catch a cheater for you, since it can look for your person’s data on 55+ popular dating sites and social media platforms.

Why Dive Deeper into Your Match's Background?

Unfortunately, dating or even just hanging out with someone requires a certain amount of openness. Tinder is just like any other dating site in that it has catfishers, romance scammers, liars, and people with questionable backgrounds. Whether you're on the lookout or not, it makes sense to do simple background checks on people.

Listing Locator can tell you more about your match, like if they are married (yes, some married people quietly use Tinder) or if they have a criminal record, among other things. Making sure you're not talking to a scammer, a cheater, or someone who could hurt you can give you the peace of mind you need before taking the relationship to the next level.

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