todd fisher tells about elizabeth taylor and eddie fisher affair

Remember everyone was talking about how Elizabeth Taylor stole Eddie Fisher, who is married to her best friend Debbie Reynolds? That sad event happened while Debbie Reynolds was still grieving over the death of her famous daughter Carrie Fisher.


Tragedy struck with Mike Todd's tragic death in 1958, and from that point, their intertwined lives began to unravel. In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Debbie Reynolds' son, Todd Fisher, opened up about the affair between his father and the "Cleopatra" star!

In 1959, Eddie Fisher divorced Debbie Reynolds and quickly married Elizabeth Taylor, just a few weeks after the divorce. Taylor, who is known for "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," later left Fisher for Richard Burton, who had been married to Fisher twice.

In Todd Fisher's words, "My father left my mother for Elizabeth Taylor, and many people were upset about that." The situation was further complicated by the perception of Taylor as the "bad girl" who had seduced Fisher away from the virtuous Debbie Reynolds, known for her role in "National Velvet."

"Liz made no bones about being the bad girl. She came a long way from 'National Velvet,'" Todd explained. "So when my mother was put in the position of being humiliated by my father… my mother was a classy person."

Public shame followed the messy affair. Taylor was called a temptress, and Fisher was called the man who left his family. Todd Fisher recalled, "She never talked my father down to us. She could have given us an earful about Eddie leaving her for Liz. And a lot of it, of course, was in our faces too as children growing up. And this scandal never really went away. To this day, it's still talked about."

In the 1950s, of course, knowing how to find out if someone has dating profiles wasn’t an option.

That said, Debbie Reynolds was able to keep up her perfect image despite the public shame. As Todd Fisher put it, "What you saw is who she was – she really was apple pie. There was no dark side to her. I've known a lot of people [who] had one image that they portrayed to the public and a different image that was who they really are. But my mother really was that person."

Later on, Reynolds and Taylor were able to work out their differences, and what had been a feud between them for decades turned into a friendship. They even worked together in the 2001 movie "These Old Broads," which ended one of Hollywood's longest and most dramatic love triangles.

"Let me switch things up a bit: there's a chance Elizabeth Taylor might not be completely at fault in this complicated love triangle. We shouldn't blame her; just think about how everything works together! I mean, people's relationships are too complicated to blame just one person," answered Wilda Harrison, a relationship coach.


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