whats the first thing that cheaters says once they get caught

What is the reaction of traitors caught red-handed. In fact, the reaction of most cheaters caught in the act is the same - to justify themselves in any way they can. 

A person who has been cheated on feels depressed, but the excuses of the unfaithful partner nonetheless sometimes help to smooth over the realization of what has happened and for a while sow doubt about the heinousness of the partner's deed and look for excuses for him in every possible way. 

A cheater who is caught cheating at the moment of exposure is less likely to think about his partner's feelings and more likely to save his own skin. 

Cheaters can lie or deny what happened.

The easiest way is to deny everything. This is what most cheaters do.This excuse also suits their partners, who are not morally ready to accept the truth and are relieved to hear it, thereby reinforcing the cheater's belief that denial is the perfect argument.

Cheaters may make excuses and make your arguments seem frivolous.

Another way of making excuses is gaslighting, which is used by partners of manipulators: "You're crazy already with jealousy, how could you think and doubt, you have all the signs of paranoia, if you don't stop all these accusations, I'll leave!" This is a form of psychological abuse, the purpose of which is to make the person doubt their own adequacy and change the victim's perception of reality, and be sure to add a pinch of threat to an already crushed victim. 

They may find ways to change the subject.

Still manipulators can sharply change the subject, twisting some story, which about the bloodthirstiness will certainly overshadow the betrayal: "But how can you think so, I have suffered so much today, my friend was in an accident and is now in intensive care, is a short version of the story, and a longer will be filled with colors and pictures of the events from the attack of robbers in the bank to almost happened accident, in which the cheater could certainly die, but miraculously survived, "but just imagine how you could live without me? And all that stuff to throw your partner off the scent and off the scent and instill fear for his own skin, which will definitely override all feelings and emotions associated with cheating.

Some cheaters may get angry and put the blame on you.

Another option from the cheater's manual is to shift the responsibility for treason to the partner: "No need to dump everything on me, you're not perfect either, I put up with your shortcomings and did not cheat on you. 

To put the emphasis on the partner, on his shortcomings, thereby make the transfer of the problem. Often such arguments are quite harsh and unpleasant and are made with feigned aggression. 

They may accuse you of being unfaithful.

It is literally one step from such accusations to accusing the victim of cheating. "I needed comforting, I was told you cheated on me, I agonized over it for a week, struggling with feelings of revenge, it's all your fault, now we're even."

They may confess or apologize.

Another way to admit your guilt and start apologizing. "It was just one time, it was just sex."  Such phrases bring no relief to the deceived person, even though the cheater himself insists that there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, it is the only possible tactic when caught red-handed in the arms of a lover or mistress.

Cheaters may convince you that it is just a momentary weakness and that they have a real relationship with you.

"It doesn't mean anything," betrayal doesn't count at all, sex according to the cheater is less important than the commitment he makes, and so having sex outside the relationship is not so reprehensible. "It won't happen again"-the cheater may indeed promise that it won't happen again, but whether they can keep their word... "We're just friends" is a convenient excuse if the mistress is a close person, such as a colleague, neighbor, classmate (the same applies to male lovers). "I made a mistake, but I hid it because you won't forgive me" is an attempt to convince the partner that the problem is his reaction, not his cheating transgression. I didn't mean to hurt you"-this was unintentional . "I only love you anyway."

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As a psychologist, I have to say something that many people don't agree with. It's true that cheaters often try to explain themselves when they get caught, but it's important to remember that not all cheaters are like these examples. It's not fair to paint all cheaters with the same brush because people's actions are not that simple. Understanding the real reasons behind cheating requires a more nuanced approach than just putting reactions into groups.

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