12 signs that youre in a healthy relationship what could be wrong

A lot of people say that when two people are happy together, things should just naturally fall into place. But another point of view says that long-lasting, good relationships need a lot of work, commitment, and persistence.


Well, everyone knows that every relationship has flaws... But when can you let down your guard and be sure that your relationship is strong and ready for the long term?

It doesn't have to be hard to figure out the complicated ideas behind love psychology.

Natacha Duke, a qualified psychologist, talks about insightful signs that a relationship will last, along with practical checks to make sure it's healthy and right for you.

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At its core, a healthy relationship is about:

  • Empathy and Kindness;
  • Reliability and Commitment;
  • Mutual Respect for Boundaries;
  • The Ability to Work as a Team;
  • Shared Values and Goals.

Most relationships last because both people share the same values and goals. These things will have an effect on almost every part of your trip. As people go through different things, their needs change. A partner who volunteers might be the most important thing to one person, but family ideals might be the most important thing to another.

Duke tells them to depend on each other and put each other first. She adds, "There’s a reasonable amount of reliability, and you both feel as though the other person is going to prioritize you and be true to their word every step of the way."

One big problem is that some people have a hard time spotting a good relationship. Bad relationships from the past or not having safe attachments as a child can make it hard to make good decisions. Before getting into a new relationship, Duke says, you should think about yourself.

Even in long-term relationships, the best ones leave room for regular self-reflection. Important parts include learning from past mistakes, dealing with disagreements in a healthy way, and creating an atmosphere where both people can grow together.

Duke says, "People in a healthy relationship should put each other at ease, have a willingness to work and grow together, and be respectful of each other."

Furthermore, this research has shown that strong social ties are very important for both mental and physical health. People who have healthy relationships tend to behave more healthily, have better health results, and even live longer.

Wilda Harrison, a psychologist, says: "While most people think that healthy relationships should feel natural, I'd argue that they need a lot of work and dedication. Contrary to what most people think, relationships that last need ongoing work, communication, and a willingness to face problems. Being open to the idea that relationships need care and attention can make you happier and more resilient in the long run."


"No relationship is perfect. All of them have both good and bad parts," says Jennifer Pearson.

So, is how healthy your relationship is? Ask yourself these things:

  1. Do you have mutual trust?
  2. Is there genuine respect?
  3. Do you actively support each other’s endeavors?
  4. Is there honesty and openness?
  5. Can you maintain your individual identity within the relationship?
  6. Do you engage in open discussions about feelings, hopes, fears, and dreams?
  7. Is fondness and affection expressed and felt?
  8. Does your relationship exhibit equality and fairness?


We know, starting a new relationship is like figuring out a tricky puzzle. Anyway, some signs can show that your relationship will last:

1. Mutual Respect

Healthy boundaries are more than just lines on the sand; they show that you care about each other's physical, mental, and social health. A strong connection makes room for each person's uniqueness, feelings, and the growth of different parts of each other's lives. Respecting each other's limits is important whether you're accepting different friendships or being close to someone.

2. Trust

You have to earn trust. Getting over old hurts and blind spots lets you be neutral and trusting in a new relationship. From being emotionally vulnerable to making big choices in life, trust covers a lot of ground and grows stronger over time, making it possible to depend on someone without second-guessing them.

According to research, your general attachment style affects how much you trust other people. That is, the relationships a person has early in life affect what they expect from future relationships.

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3. Communication Amidst Challenges

A strong bond is one that can weather the storm together. A good relationship has clear communication during hard times, where feelings are shared, actively listened to, and solutions are sought. It's not about always agreeing, but about always being nice to each other, which builds a strong and long-lasting friendship.

One study found that people usually talk to their partner about their feelings when they don't like how open their partner is. This is a good example of how being honest about a problem can make a friendship stronger.

4. Agreeing to Disagree

Finding answers that work for everyone is an important part of resolving conflicts. Even though collaboration is important, it's also good to disagree in a healthy way. Dealing with problems together builds trust, and being able to disagree in a healthy way makes the relationship stronger over time.

5. Forgiveness

Maybe the most important sign of a healthy friendship is the ability to forgive. "We are all flawed, and forgiving others shows that you love them," says Jennifer Pearson.

6. Commitment

Finding a balance in your relationships is very important. Evaluating contributions and talking about worries helps keep things in balance. In a healthy relationship, both people know that their efforts may change and that their support and loyalty to each other will also change over time.

7. Kindness

An important part of a healthy friendship is being kind to each other. Kindness means making someone feel safe, encouraged, and important. It includes saying sorry, actively listening, and doing things to show that you understand, all of which help build a respectful and understanding relationship.

8. Shared Enjoyment and Support

Supporting each other's goals and progress is just as important as working together on common goals. It's about finding a middle ground that doesn't feel like a fight. Having a balance of shared tasks and personal interests makes the relationship stronger.

9. Collaborative Decision-Making

Important choices are made together, with each person's opinion taken into account. The strength of the partnership is shown by this consultative method that stresses teamwork and shared responsibility.

10. Confronting Difficulty

Instead of avoiding tough talks, healthy relationships welcome them. Expressing thoughts in a healthy way and working together to solve problems build trust and set limits, which makes the relationship stronger.

11. Self-Awareness and Independence

A good relationship includes thinking about the past and figuring out what sets you off. Pursuing personal goals and self-love adds to the journey you're both on, which makes the bond stronger.

12. Comfort in Imperfection

The best relationships let people be weak and make mistakes. Taking down your guard creates a unique closeness that leads to a bond that goes beyond perfection.

A healthy relationship is like a tapestry: respect, trust, transparency, and kindness are the threads that hold it all together. To take care of this fabric, everyone needs to be committed, understand each other, and be able to see the beauty in things that aren't perfect. This will help you build a bond that will last.


Some important signs that a relationship isn't healthy are:

  1. Attempts to dictate your behavior
  2. Avoidance of one another
  3. Fear of expressing opinions or thoughts
  4. Pressure to abandon personal interests
  5. Criticism regarding activities, social circle, attire, etc.
  6. Feeling compelled to alter your identity
  7. Viewing time together as an obligation
  8. Unfair conflict resolution
  9. Lack of privacy or insistence on divulging every detail of your life
  10. Neglecting personal needs to prioritize your partner
  11. Inadequate communication
  12. Unequal control over shared resources like money and transportation
  13. Instances of yelling


Some problems may only last a short time and can be solved by working together or getting professional help. But for serious problems, especially ones involving abuse, safety and security must come first.

1. Commitment

Recognize that relationships demand effort from both partners. A one-sided effort can lead to stress, resentment, and emotional exhaustion. Both individuals must commit to working together to strengthen the partnership.

2. Express Gratitude

Practicing thanks with your partner makes you closer and improves your health. Real expressions of thanks have been shown to make relationships better. Acts of thanks, like doing a chore around the house for your partner or surprising them, can make you feel even more thankful.

3. Maintain Interest

Keep things interesting in your relationship to avoid getting bored. Over time, a relationship can last thanks to things like regular dates, doing things together, and nice surprises like messages sent out of the blue showing love.

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