3 reasons why people cheat on dating apps

Detect if Your Partner is Active on a Dating App

These days, it has become really easy to find someone on Tinder… to cheat with! And that’s no secret! A 2020 study found that 40% of Americans in relationships were using cheating apps, like Tinder and Bumble. Another study found that around 55% people on Tinder were already in relationships and knew others who were too!


But have you ever wondered why people use cheating apps? A recent study dug into this question: they’ve talked to 500 participants, mostly straight, about their experiences cheating on a partner. Yep, all of them had cheated at least once!

Well, some people do because they're unhappy in their relationship… or simply want something new and exciting. Others just want to see if they're still attractive to other people. Anyway, here's what they actually found:

1. Thinking You're More Desirable Than Your Partner

How people feel about themselves and their partner can have a big impact on how committed they are to their partner. If they think there are lots of other people out there who might be better for them, they might start to question how good their partner is for them… and eventually try to find someone on Tinder!

This can create a gap between how valuable they feel compared to their partner. And that gap can cause problems in the relationship, sometimes leading to cheating.

A 2023 study found that people who feel they're really desirable are more likely to cheat online, especially if they've had a lot of success on cheating apps.

When they get lots of matches, they start to think they're super attractive, which makes them more tempted to look for other romantic opportunities 

2. Looking for Something Different

Sometimes, it's not about problems in the relationship but simply wanting something different.

About 74% of folks admitted to cheating because they were bored and wanted some excitement. More guys than gals said this was their reason.

Plus, around 32% said sexual desire led them to cheat, with men more likely to say so than women.

Surprisingly, not all cheating is even planned! Sometimes, dating profile search is a thing that happen on the spot, like when you're drunk.

For 70% of people, the situation played a big role. Guys were more likely to say this influenced their cheating.

3. Psychological Issues

Surprisingly, for some, cheating makes them feel better about themselves, even though it usually ends badly. About 57% said it was a way to feel more confident.

But that’s just the beginning! One study found that different personality traits and psychological issues make people try to find someone on Tinder, while being in a committed relationship!

Compared to single people or those not using cheating apps, committed people on Tinder showed certain traits:

  • Neuroticism, conscientiousness, and agreeableness.
  • Extraversion and openness.
  • Psychopathy.
  • Machiavellianism and narcissism.

Curious about your narcissistic partner using cheating apps? Try Tinder search without registering.

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