5 tips for a success with dating apps

Not too long ago, many people viewed online dating as a last-ditch effort only for the most desperate individuals. However, this perspective has largely changed in recent times, partly because of the emergence of mobile dating applications.

These apps have become the most accessible means of connecting with potential partners and initiating new relationships, regardless of age.

Unfortunately, navigating this new landscape is not any less daunting. It presents its own distinct set of obstacles — follow these five essential tips to overcome them.

1. Embrace your individuality

One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating a dating profile is being too generic. Instead of wasting space describing universal hobbies like eating or watching TV, take the time to think about what makes you unique. Whether it's rock collecting, bird watching, or competitive dog grooming, embrace your individuality. Not only will this help you stand out from the crowd, but it will also give your matches an easy way to start a conversation. Plus, it can result in matches with people who share similar interests or experiences. So, if you're looking for a real relationship, be real in your bio and just be yourself.

2. Don’t Be Negative

Many people try to represent themselves as "too cool" for dating apps to protect themselves from potential disappointment. However, statements like "my friends made me try this," listing specific requirements for potential matches, or talking about what you don't like in a significant other can make you seem indifferent, snobby, and negative. This type of behavior is not attractive to serious daters. So, if you're serious about finding a relationship, avoid negativity and make your intentions clear to your future matches.

3. Expand your Search

Although online dating allows you to set filters for your preferred characteristics like age, location, and income, this can often lead to dating frustration. Waiting for the "perfect" match to show up can take weeks, months, or even years. Be open-minded and avoid preconceived notions of your perfect match's traits. Make an effort to get to know each person you match with. You never know who you might click with and where it may lead. Expanding your filters can also expand your horizons, and you may find that the old cliche "opposites attract" rings true after all.

4. Research on Your Own

According to a study, more than half of online daters falsify information on their dating profiles, and these untruths are not always minor ones. These fabrications about their marital status, criminal records, or even identity usually surface after the individual has invested time, energy, and emotions into the relationship.

Furthermore, dating sites are often targeted by fraudsters and romance scammers who prey on unsuspecting individuals seeking love. To avoid falling prey to these types of people, you should conduct thorough research before engaging in any relationship. Using Listing Locator service by iFindCheaters, you can conduct a background check on their name and email address to acquire a wealth of information that can help you see the full picture, such as marital/relationship status, criminal and arrest records, sex offender status, social media profiles/pictures, known aliases, and location history.

5. Be Confident and Take Action

Many individuals use dating apps for entertainment purposes only, and they have no intention of moving things from the app to the real world. You and your matches may have experienced this trend.

Therefore, do not string your match along like the rest. If you feel there's a connection after some initial conversation, don't hesitate to ask them out. Even if you don't feel confident, acting confidently can help you stand out from the crowd, just like in real life. Be bold and make the first move to take things to the next level if you think there's a spark. Chances are, your direct approach will flatter them, and they'll admire your assertiveness and accept your invitation. One thing to keep in mind about mobile app dating is that if you get turned down, nobody else will know except you and the random person you'll probably never meet. Therefore, seize the opportunity, be confident, and take action.

However, as Jennifer Pearson, a psychologist, notices: "Dating apps make things easier to get to and more accessible, but they also encourage shallowness and instant gratification. People's feelings of inadequacy and rejection can get worse when they are constantly told to show off their uniqueness and take risks. This can have a negative effect on their mental health and self-esteem. Also, pushing for a lot of research on potential partners could lead to more mistrust and paranoia, which is bad for real connection and intimacy. Instead of encouraging a culture of fake self-presentation and mistrust, we should focus on building real relationships."

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