5 ways how to find hidden social media accounts for free

Want to learn how to find hidden social media accounts? With the right tools, you can do it within seconds using just a single piece of personal info.



Want to find social media by phone number? Or just wondering how to find out if someone is on a dating site? You can discover someone across all social media platforms simultaneously through a reverse search – that’s the best solution if you’re looking for ways how to catch a cheater online. iFindCheaters is one of the most advanced publicly available dating profile search engines. It can help you both learn how to find out if someone is on a dating site and find anyone on social media. And it’s also available for free!

To perform your first search, simply input a piece of information about the person into the search bar above. This will display all the social media accounts associated with them. Give it a try with your first search today!


"If someone uses their full name on social media, it's far more likely that their accounts will be easy to find. The challenge gets worse only if the person hides some or all of their social media accounts," says Jennifer Pearson, a dating expert.


Google lets you get very specific results from just one site if you use it right.

Here’s the trick! To find someone on Facebook, Instagram, or another social network, you can make your results precise. How? It's easy!

  • Just type “ name” on Google, and the results will pop up. For instance, you can search " benjamin miller".
  • You can search any site by specifying it on Google with "site:" followed by the site you want to search on;
  • It could be Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media, even Tinder!
  • The great part is that it can display results about their social media activity, like Facebook or Instagram comments, etc.
  • You don’t need to know their username; all you need is their first and last name!

If you’re done with that, and there’s no result, click here to learn how to find hidden social media accounts for free.


Keep in mind that if this person is trying to avoid you on these platforms, they might block you without your knowledge.

But since this method is free and easy, why not give it a shot!

Here's what you do: customize your search based on the social media platform.

  • For example, on Instagram, look for a specific username instead of just a name and last name;
  • Use search filters to make your search as precise as possible;
  • Take your time to locate this person’s profile on social networks, understanding that it may take a while;


Google Images is often used for reverse image searches in such situations. However, finding a social media profile through a reverse image search is not as effective as it used to be!

It's time to upgrade and not waste time on a method that might not even work!

How do you use Google Images to find hidden profiles on social networks?

It's simple:

  • Visit Google Images;
  • Search “ name,” like “ benjamin miles”;
  • Check the pictures in the results;

This search can be done on any social media platform, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even dating sites! Reverse image searches can work in some cases, but it's not really effective.


Ever seen a pop-up on your social media that says “Sync Contacts” while scrolling through updates? That's the platform suggesting you might know more people using your phone number.

Most social media apps has this feature (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and others); You can usually find it in the Privacy & Settings section of the apps.

If you're keen on uncovering hidden profiles, try syncing your contacts! You can also activate this feature in your phone's Settings, under the Apps section. Switch on the feature and browse through the newly suggested contacts; you might just find the person you're looking for.


"The internet is actually full of options, methods, and solutions for a variety of problems. There are many services designed for discovering hidden social media accounts," says Jennifer Pearson.

All you need to do is search through email, phone number, name, last name, or any available information you have on this person. For instance, this dating profile search engine can tell how to find out if someone is on a dating site in seconds.

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