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  1. Brief list with several of the most popular online dating
  2. The Best Freebies
  3. Want to Get Serious?
  4. Diversity Matters
  5. Older Dawgs, Newer Trix
  6. Faith and Love
  7. Wham Bam…
  8. For transactional relationships
  9. Upscale or exclusive interaction

Readers often ask: “How can I find the best totally free online dating sites?”. Absolutely free dating sites are defined as those that pay for the services they offer through third-party advertising. That may only be true for the basic account on many “meet market” platforms that offer more exclusive, ad-free service if you subscribe. Especially if you are newly single, caution is your friend. 

There are so many dating sites for singles (and not only) it can be overwhelming. We have tried to put together a listing with 100 percent free dating sites grouped in categories according to what populations they are focused on serving. There is usually no credit card required for creating a basic account for most dating sites. That said, apps, platforms and sites can change their policies any time so always read the fine print.

Location technologies have enabled many dating sites to offer location-based searches. That means their databases can include people from anywhere in the world. You can register on most local or international dating sites for free no membership. That may only give you access to basic features or limit the number of people you can contact. That is not really a problem if you know what you want and present that clearly. Whether you are based in the USA, the Americas, Europe or anywhere in the world you can probably find a 100% free dating site that will work for you.

If you encounter dating agencies online that require no sign up at all be wary. Providing the platform some proof of identity is not a bad thing, that can actually filter out bad actors. Most free dating sites with no hidden fees let you sign up without credit card info. They generate enough profit from third-party advertisers so they do not need to charge for basic services. That is why there are now an abundance of totally free dating sites with no subscription necessary. Be advised though that sites that include adult content, wherever they are based in the world, usually request a credit card as proof of age.

Brief list with several of the most popular online dating

The Best Freebies

1. OkCupid

OkCupid seems to be the best 100% free dating site. Multiple listings and site reviewers recommend OkCupid dating sites.

2. Bumble

Bumble is recommended as the most female friendly – who wants to be bombarded with unsolicited pictures of random woodies, right?

3. AmorEnLinea

AmorEnLinea is recommended for Spanish speakers looking for love.

Want to Get Serious?

1. eHarmony 

eHarmony remains the most highly ranked site for those seeking serious relationships. Their ads claim that hundreds of their users are getting married every day around the world.

2. ONCE 

ONCE is another female friendly dating site that allows you to take your time which puts less pressure on users.

3. Match

Match still offers a pretty comprehensive database so users who answer the questions honestly will increase their chances of meeting someone compatible.

Diversity Matters

  1. HER and Gaydar serve the LGBTQ community.
  2. BlackPeopleMeet, AsianDate and LatinLove are examples of specific platforms for people of color and ethnic diversity. 

Most if not all dating sites are inclusive and attract diverse members, but some people feel more comfortable reaching out within more specific networks.

Older Dawgs, Newer Trix

1. SilverSingles 

SilverSingles is the most popular site for mature USA based users.

2. OurTime

OurTime is the site of choice for mature UK dating.

3. Plenty of Fish (POF)

Plenty of Fish (POF) & Book of Matches (BOM) are both broad spectrum dating sites that cast a wide net (pardon the pun) and also serve more mature uses.

Faith and Love

1. CatholicMatch 

CatholicMatch – as the name states helps Catholics connect. 

2. JDate 

JDate – serves Jewish singles looking for relationships.

3. Muslima 

Muslima – offers Muslim singles a platform to meet online.

4. Christian Dating For Free

There are a number of sites serving the general Christian population, Christian Dating For Free and Christian Mingle are examples.

Wham Bam…

1. Adult Friend Finder (AFF)

Adult Friend Finder (AFF) has probably been around the longest of any of the hook up apps/sites.

2. Tinder

Tinder introduced the swift and simple swiping feature, a picture is worth 1000 words, right?

3. Grindr 

Grindr serves GBTQ folks looking for a little less talk and alot more action.
You can find a comprehensive list at datingsitesreviews.

For transactional relationships

As mentioned above, most 100 percent free dating sites include a location component. That means that the possible matches you are shown will probably be people near your own area. There are even sites like Seeking and SugarDaddy for those looking for transactional relationships. Things have definitely changed in the world, if there is a market for something it will be monetized online!

Upscale or exclusive interaction

For those seeking more upscale or exclusive interaction there are sites such as Elite Singles, The League, It’s Just Lunch, or Coffee meets Bagel which draw upwardly mobile and/or more highly educated singles looking to “merge” as power couples. It may sound snobby, but if those factors are high on someone’s priority list at least they know where to look. There is also Ashley Maddison that caters exclusively to married business travelers looking for discreet playmates in the destinations they visit. Be advised however that although these sites do offer a ‘free trial’ that allows you to navigate the site briefly and makes your profile visible to subscribers, you will need to pay to continue to use those services. 

Whatever sort of relationship you are looking for iFindCheaters wants it to be a happy and healthy one.

So, for those of you recovering from heartbreak and thinking about getting back into the dating game, ponder what you are looking for. Once you narrow that down you will know what platforms to consider. The point of online dating sites is to allow you to virtually meet a variety of people before you invest time and potential risk to meet them in person.

For those of you in committed relationships who fear that your partner may be active on dating sites, iFindCheaters offers six different services to help you put your mind at ease. Quickly, easily, and inexpensively you can find out whether your partner has active accounts on: 

Dating Sites
Hook Up Apps
Adult XXX Websites
Live Sex Cam Streams

We also have a special tool for finding accounts on Tinder, and a Listing Locator tool for finding a specific person.

iFindCheaters is your relationship watchdog, we are here to protect you from heartache.

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