the art of unsuccessful cheating

Fans of late-night TV will remember the show Cheaters, in which people whose partners were cheating on them would reveal it, sometimes catching the moment on camera for a dramatic showdown. In fact, many people who cheat do get caught, even if the drama isn't as dramatic as it might be in a movie.


A recent study on cheating found that about one in five Americans have admitted to cheating on their partner at least once in their lives. This research also showed that both men and women are just as likely to cheat, but only 28% of women admitted to thinking about it, while 41% of men did.

Interestingly, this study also showed that men and women have different ideas about what cheating means. For example, 74% of women think that "sexting" is a form of cheating, but only 59% of men agree.

The Trail of (Un)Covered Tracks

Even though people have been cheating on their partners for a long time, social media and computers have made it both easier and harder to do it quietly. Here are some unintentional ways that cheats give away their hand.

Reckless Sexting

Having flirty or suggestive talks through messaging apps might not leave any physical evidence (like lipstick on the collar), but cheaters often give themselves away by acting suspiciously around their phones and hiding the screen from their partner's prying eyes. They often make up stories that don't make sense about the people they text and why they do it.

But they will inevitably let their guard down. They may leave their phones unattended, forget to lock their screens, or not delete texts that could be used against them. Many sexters fail in their quest to get away with cheating due to their oversight in erasing unfamiliar numbers, which can be easily traced using a basic phone lookup, unveiling the identities of their secretive correspondents. It makes it a lot easier to find cheating wife.

(Not-So) Stealthy Online Dating Profiles

Surprisingly, a lot of people who are already in relationships are brave enough to make fake profiles on dating websites. Furthermore, it's not uncommon for unsuspecting dates from platforms like Tinder or OKCupid to later discover their potential partners are actually married. Quite the shocker.

Some people use fake names or usernames to avoid getting caught, but many people who want to cheat make a big mistake by linking their main phone number or email address to their secret account. This oversight grants their partner the opportunity to use a dating sites search to unveil any public social media profiles (including dating sites) linked to these credentials. It’s the best way to catch a cheater.

Behavior & Body Language

Cheaters (or those about to take the plunge) invariably exhibit certain behavioral markers. Specifically, they:

  • Become emotionally distant and avoid initiating discussions or making plans
  • Extend working hours or spend more time outside with "friends"
  • Suddenly withhold physical intimacy
  • Elevate their appearance or make changes in their looks
  • Invest more time on their phones
  • Display signs of fatigue, disinterest, or indifference
  • Forego resistance during arguments
  • Display a heightened curiosity about your schedule (e.g., your availability) The

Even if they try really hard, most people who cheat will fail in the end, no matter how hard they try to cover their tracks. For people who have been cheated on, knowing becomes a tool. The sooner they tell the truth about who betrayed them, the sooner they can start to heal.

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