his sister called his boyfriend a gold digger for working less

Today we won’t talk about those ‘husband catches wife cheating’ cases! A new story on Reddit talks about how hard it can be to live with criticizing family members. Recently, a man got into an argument with his sister... simply because he wanted to spend more time on personal projects, not at work! And his sister called him a gold digger.

You can find the original post on Reddit.


He's 30 and comes from a well-off family, where he learned how nice it is to be hardworking. He's been working for their family business since he was young and took over as the head after his dad retired

He met Kim, his partner, in college. They were just friends at first, but shortly fell in love and moved in together.

"I told Kim early on that he didn't have to work, but he insisted on contributing financially," he explained.

"But after a while, I noticed he was pushing himself too hard due to our income differences. I told him it didn't matter how much he made, as long as he was happy."

After their conversation, Kim decided to work part-time before quitting to focus on personal projects and household chores.

His sister, 32, is also in a serious relationship, but both she and her partner work. She earns more and confided in him that she dislikes being the main earner.

"She sees her male colleagues spoiling their wives and wishes her partner would do the same," he shared.

"Recently, when discussing Kim's birthday gift, she criticized my ideas, saying they were too extravagant for someone who 'doesn't contribute.'"

This upset him, and he defended Kim, stating that he contributes to their happiness and fulfillment.

The fight got worse when his sister called Kim a "glorified gold digger." He snapped and yelled at her to stop.

"Looking back, I feel bad," he admitted.

"I understand her frustration, but it wasn't fair for her to take it out on us."

Was his reaction justified, or should he feel guilty for yelling at his sister? We asked Wilda Harrison: "So, as a psychologist, I think here's some deeper dynamics at play, even though his reaction is pretty reasonable given the situation. Guilt is a complex feeling, and this family should probably find a healthier way to resolve their differences."


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