how can i find out if my boyfriend is on dating sites for free

Finding your partner on Tinder

You might feel stressed out and even scared if you believe your boyfriend is cheating on you. Some signs that he might be on a dating site without you knowing are that he spends more time on his phone or turns off his computer when you walk in the room. So, that’s why we've put together a list of ways to find out for sure, along with some steps to help you fix your relationship after trust has been broken.



Let’s start with some numbers! In the twenty-first century, online dating has changed a great deal. A study by Pew Research found that 15% of American households have someone who is actively dating online. Many of these people find love through the ease of the internet.

There are some bad things about online dating as well as some good things. For example, having to sort through a lot of texts to find the right person can make face-to-face meetings more difficult. It's also hard to find the right kind of relationship on dating sites because people are there for a lot of different reasons, like finding love, casual dating, or friendships with benefits. And, of course, infidelity! Statistics shows that 1 in 4 Americans use dating apps to cheat. So, how to find out if someone has dating profiles? Let’s delve into that!


1. Tinder URL Hack

Type "'sname" into your browser if you think your boyfriend has a Tinder account. This hack quickly shows any Tinder account that name is related to. Keep in mind that this will not work if he is using a fake name.

2. Email Address Search

Probe potential dating sites by attempting to log in with his email address. An error message like “Wrong password” may be a sign of an active account. Messages such as “No account with that name” suggest otherwise.

3. Create a Fake Account

If you know what platform he might be using, make a fake account on your phone. Change the settings to suit his tastes and try to find him. You could also ask a friend to help you with this discreet research.

4. Check His Phone

Check his phone quietly to see if it has any relationship apps, like Bumble or Tinder. To get more information, go to "Settings" and "Screen Time" to see how much you've been using apps lately. Remember that this method raises privacy issues and should be used with care.

5. Look Through His Browser History

If you can get to it, look through his computer's browser history for hints. Remember that browsing the web anonymously might hide what you're doing on a dating site. Remember to be careful, because looking into his computer can make you less trustworthy.

6. Ask Directly

The most direct approach involves discussing your concerns with your boyfriend. Start an open conversation expressing your anxieties and seeking reassurance regarding his fidelity.

7. Use iFindCheaters

The most effective way how to catch a cheater online is to look for your boyfriend’s email on dating sites and social media. iFindCheaters can help you with that, making “how to find out if someone has dating profiles?” not a question anymore. This service can look through more than 55 popular dating and alternative lifestyle platforms, leaving no chance for a cheater. And the best of it? It’s also available for free!


1. Listen

When you talk about your worries, keep an open mind and let him tell you his side without cutting him off. Assume they are honest unless they have a past of lying. Listening without judging is a key part of healing.

2. Work on Past Traumas

If past betrayals make you suspicious, you should be aware of these feelings and try to change them. Realizing that not everyone is cheating can help build trust again. Seek treatment, especially if a traumatic event from the past has a big impact on your current relationship.

3. Build Trust Together

Admit to your partner that you have trust problems and talk about them. Questioning negative feelings is a good way to deal with them. Say something like, "What evidence supports this thought?" Building trust is a very important part of keeping a friendship healthy.

4. Consider Couple’s Counseling

If you still have questions, you should talk to a professional. Couples counseling can help you deal with problems in your relationship by giving you ways to cope and custom methods to use. Remember that you don't have to stay if trust has been broken beyond repair.

5. Monitor his Dating Activity

Sometimes it’s hard to bring the trust back, and iFindCheaters can vanish your doubts in one click! Curious how to catch a cheating boyfriend on dating sites? Just try this service for free and be informed about your partner’s online presence!

Although our service is the best way to catch a cheater online, you shouldn't forget about honesty. Wilda Harrison, our psychology expert, has slightly different point of view: "If you want to avoid spying, I think you can work on building trust instead. Looking at what your partner does online is okay to feel better. Although, trust always needs to be rebuilt through open communication and dealing with insecurities together."

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