how to catch a cheating boyfriend a woman realizes her boyfriends a gold digger live on reddit

Our next story is all about that special ‘wife catches husband cheating’ case. It was a rude awakening for this woman when she found out who her boyfriend really was, thanks to a shocking secret about her past money. She shared her troubling experience on Reddit, seeking advice as the situation unfolded in real time. So, how to catch a cheating boyfriend? Let’s dive in and find out!


In a post to the AITA (Am I The A**hole) community, she told about her boyfriend's bizarre behavior, leading fellow Redditors on a captivating journey of discovery.

"I need some advice, but I prefer to stay anonymous," she began cautiously. "My boyfriend (35m) and I (35f) were discussing finances. He moved in with me unexpectedly three months ago due to his landlord's decision. We talked about how I own my place, which I bought after winning some money in 2009. I explained I managed to put myself through nursing school, buy my home outright, and save some money."

"Apparently, he feels deceived, thinking I misled him about my financial status and expertise," she continued. "I work as a nurse, own my home and car, and have decent savings and retirement plans. I'm financially stable, but he accuses me of not being forthcoming about my past."

Her fellow Redditors raised concerns right away.

"I never gave him financial advice, except warning him against buying an expensive and unreliable car," she added, puzzled by his accusations.

"He's demanding things like the car I advised against, even suggesting it as a birthday gift," she revealed. "I'm planning to end things, but I want my family present in case he reacts badly."

"He's jealous and resentful, even claiming he could have managed the money better," she lamented. "He's pressuring me to invest in risky ventures, which I'm not comfortable with."

Redditors chimed in, calling him everything from a "mooch" to a gold digger.

"He saw you as a meal ticket, hoping to freeload off you," one Redditor astutely observed. "First, it's moving in for convenience, then it's financial dependence. He's likely banking on your assets for his future."

OP was taken aback by the accuracy of the observations. "You hit the nail on the head!" she admitted.

How do psychologists view this? Let's ask Wilda Harrison!

"The boyfriend in this case seems to be manipulating and being dependent on his girlfriend, which can be a sign of deeper mental problems. It's simple to call him a gold digger, but let's be honest about what's really going on, that could be insecurity or a sense of entitlement," she says.


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