how to cope with your partners jealousy

Partner Might Be Cheating On You

Sometimes we all feel different things, when trying to connect with other people. That's pretty normal! Still, some of these feelings are harder to handle than others, and jealousy is the case.


Do you remember how jealous you were when your partner flirted with someone else? A study by Mark Attridge shows that "jealousy is somewhat normal in all relationships."

Attridge believes that society looks down on them, just because we don't know how to deal with them properly. Jealousy is normal to feel, everybody knows what it is; but ignoring this feeling can cause a lot of trouble to your relationship.

After being in a relationship for a while, you (or your partner) will feel things like jealousy. The first step in managing these emotions is simple – get aware of their presence in your relationship.


As to Kaylee Friedman, jealousy is when we afraid that we lose something important… or when someone else will get it, instead of us. Yes, jealousy often involves other people – not just you and your partner.

Friedman says that anything that makes you feel like your relationship with your partner is in danger can make you jealous. It can show up as shame, sadness, fear, or a sense of being left out.

Your partner is probably jealous, if:

  • they’re looking to find hidden social media profiles;
  • are picky about what you wear;
  • don't trust you when you're not with them.

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If jealousy is a problem in your relationship, here are some healthy ways to deal with it.


Know that your partner's feelings are normal, even if you find it hard to accept them. They're a part of what you both go through. What matters is how you deal with these feelings.


Know that your partner is jealous because they love you very much and don't want to lose you. Show that you understand their worries and anger by listening to them. You can help them feel better if you stay by their sides.


Even if your partner is angry and jealous, show them that you care. Tell them you understand how hard things are for them and that you want them to feel safe and happy.


Figure out what makes your partner jealous and avoid those situations or actions. Allow them to talk about their feelings and spot the things that set them off. Knowing what sets them off can help you help them more.


Wondering how to find out if someone is on a dating site? That’s an okay question, but even while you're there for your partner, you should never give up your autonomy. Everybody should be okay with the other person needing space and independence.


You can't just tell someone to trust you; you have to work with them and show them that you can be trusted. It can make things worse if you blame your partner for being jealous. Instead, think about what changes you are both willing to make. Don't label, defend, or shut down during conversations. Still, be careful and know how to catch someone cheating.

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