her boyfriend accused her of being a gold digger but hes financially struggling while she supports them

This 24-year-old woman and her 32-year-old boyfriend live together in a small apartment. She makes it clear that both of them are having money problems.


Their apartment is incredibly small, and she juggles two jobs to make ends meet.At night, she works as a bartender in a club, and during the day, she works as a hairdresser.

Her boyfriend, on the other hand, has a job with flexible hours as a delivery driver, but he only works about three hours each day. Most of his time is dedicated to investing in cryptocurrency.

"I don't mind being the primary earner, but that's the reality – I'm the one bringing in the money," she explained.

She expressed frustration that when she asks him to take on more work, he agrees but fails to follow through, leading to recent arguments.

Their landlord has decided to raise the rent, and she requested her boyfriend to contribute more to cover the increased cost.

In response, her boyfriend asserted that he's channeling all his funds into investments that are beyond the government's reach, referring to it as his "crypto scheme."

In exasperation, she pointed out that they can't afford to invest when they need to pay for their home, food, and bills.

In an unexpected turn, her boyfriend accused her of only being interested in his wealth, labeling her a gold digger. She was taken aback by this accusation and set the record straight.

"If I were truly a gold digger, I wouldn't be cooped up with him in our tiny apartment, huddled around a Yankee Candle for warmth," she stated.

"I wouldn't spend my evenings figuring out how to make dinner from a packet of Kool-Aid, a lone kidney bean found in our cupboard, and a tumbleweed. Other men at the club shower money while he struggles to scrape together pennies."

"He asked me to go somewhere else because he needed space, but we live in a one-room apartment – where could I possibly go, the kitchen sink? The more I think about it, the angrier I become."

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