the gold digger actress scammed gavin maloof out of 500000

Newly discovered text messages reveal a shocking plan by a 44-year-old actress to get a rich NHL tycoon in a relationship with the goal of draining his money. If he only had an idea how to know if your girlfriend is cheating…


Jennifer Courtemanche, aged 44, stands accused of extracting nearly $445,000 from businessman Gavin Maloof, who was once her boyfriend.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department unearthed these incriminating text messages during an investigation into the menacing messages and images received by Maloof, a part-owner of the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team.

These jaw-dropping text messages are exchanges that transpired between Courtemanche and her confidante, Brittany Burgess, dating back to 2017.

Courtemanche exclaimed, 'OMG, THIS IS IT. He broke up with his partner FINALLY and wants me to come out. I'm not letting anything stop me; this is my chance for BOTH of us.'

'This needs to happen.'

'I've been struggling financially and facing hardships.'

Adding further, '…we need to attain the life we've always deserved, no more financial woes, no more suffering, no more mental health hospitals, ER visits, etc., lol.'

Police disclosed that Burgess responded with, '…we need a plan.'

'We've been friends for so long; I can't even recall which one of us is the bad influence,' Courtemanche is alleged to have texted.

Jennifer Courtemanche's IMDb profileincludes minor roles in TV series such as You, The Vampire Diaries, Two and a Half Men, Gossip Girl, and 90210.

Maloof hails from a well-known family recognized for their appearances on reality TV.

His sister, Adrienne Maloof, featured on the reality show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Adrienne was previously married to plastic surgeon Paul Nassif, who also appeared on the reality show "Botched" before their divorce in 2012.

Upon receiving threatening messages and photographs, Maloof reported the matter to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, who subsequently traced the source to Courtemanche.

In May, LVMP, in collaboration with the Los Angeles Police Department, executed a search warrant at the residence of Courtemanche, who is a member of Sag-AFTRA, to confiscate her electronic devices.

The alleged deception began to unravel as police revealed the method employed by Courtemanche to gain access to Maloof's cellphone. She subsequently transferred funds from Maloof's account to her own through Apple Cash payments.

The sum amounted to $93,448.00 in 2021, approximately $275,600.00 in 2022, and roughly $75,600.00 in 2023, as per the criminal complaint filed by the Clark County District Attorney's office.

Out of 214 transactions in which alleged theft took place, 144 were attributed to a phone number belonging to Burgess. She then transferred the money back to Courtemanche, according to the report.

Burgess received nearly $12,000 through the alleged scheme, while Courtemanche received almost $433,000, according to the police.

Investigations uncovered the usage of 37 different phone numbers in the execution of the scheme.

Both Courtemanche and Burgess are named as co-defendants in a criminal complaint filed on October 4 in Las Vegas Justice Court,according to 8 News Now.

They face a total of six charges, including three counts of felony theft, in addition to conspiracy to commit theft, conspiracy to launder or attempt to launder money, and the laundering or attempted laundering of money or property, which are categorized as gross misdemeanors.

Judge Nadia Wood set bail for Courtemanche at $10,000, imposed a restraining order preventing her from approaching Maloof, and granted her permission to be released on bail, meaning she did not have to remain in custody, in accordance with Las Vegas Justice Court records.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 11 next year.

Ryan Helmick, the attorney representing Courtemanche, declined to comment on the matter.


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