uk woman used artificial intelligence to catch her cheating boyfriend

A young woman from the United Kingdom shared how she used artificial intelligence (AI) to find out if her boyfriend was cheating on her. Mia Dio, a 22-year-old from Miami, Florida, wanted to help other people find out if their partners were faithful by using AI to cleverly copy her boyfriend's voice. Follow up for a guide how to catch a cheating husband!


Mia Dio showed how smart she is with technology in a TikTok video that has been watched more than 2.7 million times. In the video, she talks about how she used AI to imitate her boyfriend's voice and then called his best friend to find out what had been going on.

Mia Dio starts the video with a clear plan: "I'm going to clone my boyfriend's voice using AI, call his best friend, and find out if he's been telling me the truth about what happened last night."

In the video, Mia Dio talks more about her method and says that she fed voice-cloning software voicemails made by her boyfriend. She carefully wrote a script for the AI-generated voice to use during the call.

Mia Dio started a chat with her boyfriend's friend through his iPad, which led to an unexpected discovery. The rebuilt AI-generated voice sounded just like her boyfriend's voice, which fooled her friend into talking and getting her to admit that she had kissed someone else on a night out.

Even though the situation is very upsetting, Mia Dio ends the video by suggesting that she will talk to her boyfriend about it in the next one.

TikTok users wrote words of sympathy and admiration for her creative way of talking to a partner who might not be honest. Mia Dio's smart method got a lot of praise, and some people even called her a "sad genius."

But after everyone responded, Mia Dio made it clear that the whole thing was a big joke, and that both her boyfriend and his friend knew it from the start. She stressed that the video was meant to show how AI could be used to catch a liar, even though it was a staged show in this case.

Mia Dio talked about the program she used, which was called ElevenLabs and cost about £4. She used voice memos and voicemails from her boyfriend as raw material to make a believable copy of his voice. She then wrote a script that sounded normal for the AI-generated voice to say.

Even though the video made the conversation look a bit robotic, the real-life conversation was very convincing, even to the video's author.

Even though the joke was mean, Mia Dio said she was glad her friendship was still strong. She thanked her fans for their support and emphasized that the video was meant to show how AI could be used to find lies, even in a staged situation.

After that, she said that other women who shared her worries and position had sent her messages.

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