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your cheatin heart or cheating voice

Voice pitch can reveal a tendency to cheat.
Our voice may say more than our words.

Do cheater’s voices sound different?

Recent research says yes! Our sound signature reveals a lot more than we think.  Our sex, age, body type and personality can all be identified just by the pitch of our voices. It shouldn’t be surprising that our voices can also betray a tendency to cheat.

What is considered cheating?

One hundred fifty-two college students recruited for the study consideredcheatingas:

  • Open-mouthed and “French” kissing,
  • Fondling or groping erogenous zones,
  • Oral sex, and
  • Intercourse.

Thevoice sampleswere gathered from males and females of varying ages, some of which had admitted to infidelity. The students listened to a voice recording then stated whether they though the speaker was a cheater or not.  The female students were very accurate in identifying both male and female cheaters (look out guys!). The men on the other hand tended to identify more female voices as cheaters than male.

In general, women tend to be more observant to the cues of cheating than men. So, cheaters can’t take it for granted that they will be able to deceive their female partners.

Is there a universal definition of cheating?

Social factors play a big role in what different cultures consider creating. For very conservative groups even provocative dress can be considered infidelity!Online cheatingis even harder to define. The experts do agree that how committed and exclusive the relationship is, determines if it is cheating or not.

Protect yourself from cheaters.

The best thing any of us can do is to be observant, especially in a new relationship. Our enthusiasm when we meet someone new can lead us to ignore signs of potential problems. Watch how s/he interacts with others. Look out for manipulative behavior. If they behave that way to others, they probably will with you too.

True manipulators may not come on strong. Their control strategies may be subtle. They want to make you feel comfortable so you will relax into the situation. Once that happens, we usually start to make excuses for them.

 Commitment and infidelity?

In any committed relationship opportunity is the first factor to be aware of. Every day concerns can cause us to overlook potentially hazardous situations. The attractive and available coworker may seem a cliché on the screen but prove a threat in real life.

We need to be aware of what is going on in our partner’s work and other environments. The best way to achieve that is to be interested. When we become involved with someone we are in a relationship with the whole person. The more we learn about each other the sooner we will know if there is a future. By becoming tuned in to each other we can more easily detect subtle behavior changes.

Cut cheating off at the pass!

Attraction is everywhere. It is unrealistic to think that you or your partner are immune to overtures.  Supporting each other means more than finances and chores. Expressing your attraction to your partner as often as possible is one of the best ways to ward off infidelity. Showing them your gratitude for their presence in your life is important too. If your partner feels appreciated, needed AND wanted, they may be flattered by others’ interest, but they won’t be tempted.

Interest is the best medicine.

Genuine interest is a real turn on.  It is also the best way to reallyget to know your partner. You don’t want to smother them or appear paranoid. Be practical and realistic on the one hand, flirtatious and romantic on the other. If you do, you have a strong chance of building a loving relationship.

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