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Signs of Jealousy in a Woman & Man

Jealousy, to one degree or another, belongs to every person. There is even a saying: “Love without jealousy simply doesn’t happen.” We will find out why people in love can experience a feeling of jealousy and answer the most popular questions about signs of jealousy. Is it helpful for relationships? How to find out if you have a reason to be jealous?

Why Are People Jealous?

Someone explains the concept of jealousy as strong love, attachment to one partner, and the fear of losing that partner one day. Someone believes that jealousy arises when you don’t trust a chosen partner or have low self-esteem.

Both of these opinions are somewhat correct. Indeed, we are primarily jealous of the person we love and value this person very much. However, at the same time, jealousy is accompanied by mistrust, and you can always find signs that someone is jealous of you.

Signs of Jealousy in Women

How to make women jealous of men? Women are jealous when they see a man with pretty girls around. They are much more jealous than men because they are too emotional. The more attractive the other woman is, the more signs of women's jealousy you can notice.

1. The Woman Feels Insecure

A jealous woman does not feel safe. Therefore, she will constantly follow her man. She will find out where he goes, where he is, and with whom he communicates. She can even start always watching her beloved to ensure he is not dating another woman behind her back.

2. She Asks to Confirm Love

If a woman constantly asks her boyfriend: “Do you love me?”, “Do you like me?” and other similar things indicate her jealousy. A man should be prepared to answer similar questions. If he avoids answering, the woman will start to lose her mind from envy.

3. She Does Not Tolerate Criticism of Her Appearance and Behavior

Many men often ignore this sign, but it indicates that a woman is jealous. If your wife does not accept criticism in her address, she is insecure or jealous of you. Every time you try to point out some life moments, your woman makes a fuss and takes everything as a personal insult.

5. She Listens to the Phone and Goes to Man's Page on the Internet

A jealous girlfriend looks at her friend's account page on the social network and checks letters and messages. She will constantly check the call history to understand who he communicates with during the day.

Signs of Jealousy in Men

How do men make jealous of women? The usual behavior of the wife causes suspicion and doubt in her husband. For example, she dressed so beautifully to attract another man. She made a hairstyle so that one of her colleagues would like it. She wants to go to a corporate party because someone is already waiting for her. Here are more signs of men's jealousy.

  1. He Quickly Gets Angry

His anger arises literally out of nowhere. In most cases, the woman cannot even understand what could have caused it. She does not know that she could have done something wrong. For example, she goes to a cafe with her friends or stays late at work, which is a reason for jealousy.

  1. Mention of Other Men Causes Dissatisfaction

A woman is afraid to mention any of the men she knows in a conversation with her husband, as she is sure this will cause her spouse displeasure. Do you have a friend your boyfriend hates for no apparent reason? And it doesn't matter how often you see this friend. In any case, your friend could provoke a hidden insecurity in your boyfriend, who is now jealous. Maybe your friend is brilliant and makes the boyfriend feel stupid in front of you.

  1. He Controls Every Woman’s Step

He always wants to know where and with whom his wife is. He needs to be informed about every step she takes. When the wife returns home late from work, the husband, like a policeman, interrogates her for the whole night. He never stops checking his spouse’s phone and laptop to find a wife on dating sites and flirting with other men.

  1. He Is Following You

For example, you are sitting with friends in your favorite cafe, and suddenly your boyfriend accidentally appears, although you did not agree to meet there. What a coincidence, you think. But this is not so. He feels jealous of everything.

  1. He Controls What She Looks at

In the company of friends or on vacation, the husband watches his woman to see if she is flirting with other men. Such men’s behavior is similar to a cat-and-mouse game when the wife feels terrible because she does not know how the game will end for her and their relationship.

Pros and Cons of Jealousy

Jealousy is characteristic of every human being: evolutionarily, it became a necessary reaction because it helped us survive.


  • First, pain or sadness prevents you from acting quickly and precisely. Jealousy helps to overcome this, feel the threat, and try to solve the problem soon.
  • Jealousy is part of the rivalry a person has faced for most of his historical existence. It helped compete for a sexual partner and other essential and limited resources.
  • Jealousy helps us to maintain a pair because we always strive to leave more offspring.
  • In addition, jealousy is a point for development: the manifestation of negatively colored emotions demonstrates our weak points. This happens because of internal complexes; to solve the problem, you first need to work on yourself.


In psychology, jealousy is considered a negative feeling arising from self-doubt when a person lacks attention, love, consideration, or sympathy.

Jealousy can cause outbursts of aggression when a person cannot control himself. Especially jealous people resort to stalking, violence, scandals, depression, and obsessive actions in the form of checking phones, emails, etc. All this has a detrimental and destructive effect on family and love relationships.

How to Check if Your Jealousy Is Not Groundless?

A person may be afraid to lose a partner and not show jealousy openly. Then a man torments himself by secretly checking his partner's stuff, reading her messages, and beginning to follow her. These are unhealthy manifestations of jealousy that exhaust a person. You need to check whether you have a reason to be jealous of your partner.

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What to do next with the information?

Talk to your partner! People that are jealous are blind! Build an open, trusting relationship with friends or a partner in which you can calmly discuss the situation, feelings, and problems. Hiding negative emotions is not an option because, over time, it will turn into an uncontrollable emotional explosion.

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