what lead women to cheat 9 real stories

Discovering the complexities behind infidelity, writer Sara Cornell and seven other women open up about their personal journeys of straying from their marriages. Each story offers a unique perspective on the circumstances that led them to make choices that would forever alter their lives.


1. The Wrong Choice

For Krista R., the realization that she had married the wrong man came after having a child. The lack of attention and affection in her relationship pushed her to seek comfort elsewhere. Feeling like nothing more than roommates co-parenting, she embarked on an affair that provided the emotional connection she craved.

2. Hurting in Return

Lindsay T. found herself caught in a cycle of pain when she discovered her husband's infidelity. Feeling emotionally drained and seeking reciprocation of the love and attention she had given without receiving, she turned to someone from her past. Her affair became a way to inflict the same hurt upon her husband and find the intense love she had longed for.

3. Unplanned and Unavoidable

Sara Cornell reflects on her own experience of infidelity, highlighting how it often unfolds organically without explicit intentions. Starting as a professional relationship, it gradually evolved into a friendship, flirtation, infatuation, and ultimately an affair. Like sipping a glass of wine, the circumstances and emotions surrounding the affair became intoxicating, leading to the demise of her marriage.

4. From Friendship to Betrayal

One woman, who remained anonymous, emphasizes the blurred line between harmless friendships and affairs. Unhappy in her marriage, she formed a close bond with a male friend over many years. The emotional support she sought in her friend slowly eroded her connection with her husband. Despite her husband's encouragement of the friendship, she ultimately left her marriage, realizing that she needed to prioritize her own happiness.

5. Searching for Self-Worth

Marina Pearson's infidelity stemmed from a distorted perspective on life and relationships. She believed that her husband needed to change for their relationship to improve. However, she failed to realize that her own negative thoughts were fueling her frustrations. In search of validation and self-worth, she became infatuated with another man, eventually leading to the end of her marriage.

6. A Friendship That Crossed Boundaries

Corrina S. found herself in a unique situation where her husband encouraged her close friendship with another man. Over time, her emotional connection with her best friend grew stronger, causing her to drift further away from her husband. Despite counseling and efforts to save their marriage, she ultimately filed for divorce, reflecting on the complexity of her situation.

7. Reaching the Breaking Point

Andrea H. reached a breaking point in her marriage after expressing her loneliness and unhappiness for years with no change. Her husband's constant travel and lack of effort to address their issues pushed her to seek companionship elsewhere. The affair forced her to confront her true desires and make the difficult decision to end her marriage.

8. A Journey of Discovery

Rose M.'s infidelity served as a catalyst for self-discovery. Feeling unfulfilled in her marriage, she embarked on an affair that allowed her to explore her desires for travel, challenge, and romance. It prompted her to end her relationship and eventually find someone who aligned with her aspirations.

9. Seeking More

For Susan M., her marriage had lost all sense of romance and intimacy. The lack of trust and constant accusations of infidelity pushed her to seek more positive communication, kindness, and desire. By finding a man who fulfilled these needs, she rediscovered her own passion and realized the necessity of ending her marriage.

The Bottom Line

These real stories shed light on the complex emotions and circumstances that can lead women to cheat. While infidelity is a deeply personal and individual experience, it often stems from unmet needs, emotional disconnect, and a desire for validation and fulfillment. By understanding the reasons behind infidelity, individuals and couples can embark on a journey of healing and growth.

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