7 signs your spouse is having an affair

Constantly feeling like something is wrong in your marriage? If that's the case, you should really watch what your partner does and maybe even look for signs of cheating. We'll talk about some of the most important signs that your husband might be having an affair and how to spot them below. Read on to learn about the smartest ways to catch a cheater, remaining fully anonymous!



One of the most important pieces of proof you can use to prove your partner is cheating on you is their smartphone. You may notice that they are becoming more defensive of their phone as they carry it around with them everywhere and put it down face down when you're around. They may also delete text messages and contacts on a daily basis to hide what they're doing.

It could mean that their mind is elsewhere if they are absorbed in their phone and not paying attention to you. Have an open talk with your partner about how their constant phone use makes you feel ignored, if you feel safe doing so.

Initiate inquiries like, "Who are you messaging?" or "Why are you concealing your phone?" If they respond defensively to your queries, it's a significant red flag.

You might ask: “How to find out if your wife is cheating without touching her phone?” If, so there are many solutions available, such as this service, which can reveal social media and chat apps cheating, without installing anything to your partner’s smartphone, which could make things worse if you get caught.


You might start to think something is wrong if your partner regularly ignores your calls or returns them much later than usual. People can usually take a break from work or something else to answer the phone when their lover calls. If they're seeing someone else, though, they might hide their phone until they're free.

The best way to catch a cheating wife is to write down when you call and how often your wife isn’t available. If you notice a trend, like she always don't answer on Tuesday afternoons, it could mean she’s having an affair.

Instead of making assumptions about your partner that aren't true, you might want to do some study. If they say they are with a friend and you know how to reach that friend, check out what your partner is saying.

Remember that someone who is cheating on you might use gaslighting to try to make you doubt what you think when you approach them. They may even try to play the other way around, making it look like you're cheating while drawing attention away from what they're really doing.


If your partner is hiding something, asking them questions could make them very angry or upset. If your partner is trying to hide an affair, they may become paranoid and very sensitive to questions.

To catch wife cheating, write down what she say when you bring up her strange behavior. How do they react? Are they angry or defensive? Are they yelling or trying to scare you? Do they say you're nosy and don't trust them?

On the other hand, some cheating partners may become calmer and better able to converse while having an affair. When the subject of an affair comes up, pay close attention to how their emotions and actions change from how they usually act.


If your partner usually has a high sex drive, a quick drop in sexual activity could be a sign that they are cheating on you. Serious sex alone doesn't always mean that someone is cheating on their partner, but it's important to look at how they used to feel about closeness and see how that has changed recently.

Have they shown a newfound desire to try new things sexually or started doing new things in bed? These changes could be caused by what they went through with someone else and their desire to repeat those feelings with you. If your partner makes you do physical things that make you feel bad, it could mean that they learned how to do these things from their affair.

Check out how your partner feels about making love in general. Do they still love each other over the years? Do they put your happiness first, or do they only care about the physical parts? Big changes in how people act in the bedroom should be a cause for worry.

Keep in mind that these problems can also be caused by things like worry, medications, and changes in your physical or mental health. Take these changes along with other signs that something is wrong into account.


Sometimes, your partner might want to treat you with new underwear or clothes. This may be a kind thing to do, but when added to the other worries on this list, it could make people suspicious. They might say that the lingerie is a surprise or for a special event, but if they've never done something like this before, it could be for someone else.

Think about whether your partner no longer cares about how they look when they're with you. Do they dress nice for work or social events but wear old T-shirts at home? What does that mean? It could mean that they're trying to please someone else and your relationship is becoming less important to them.


If you see an email account from someone you don't know, it could mean that your husband is having an affair. Some people make different email accounts to hide the fact that they are talking to someone else. You could get an email from a sender you don't know by accident, or your partner could change the password to your shared email account.

Pay close attention to how your partner acts when they're using email. It could mean they have something to hide if they always turn their laptop or phone away from you. If they get angry when you ask them about this secret email account, you should be careful.


Most people have at least one social media account these days, and they spend hours every day on sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Pay attention to how your partner acts on social media. What do they do when you tag them in pictures on your posts? Does someone tag you in a post or share a picture of YOU two?

Even if they are trying to hide their affair, if they aren't active on social media, it could mean they aren't interested in you anymore. Some people don't use social media much on their own, but you might notice a change in how they act online when they're having an affair.

You might want to look for their name to see if any other accounts linked to them come up. The appearance of a secret Facebook or Instagram account could be a sign of questionable behavior, just like an unknown email address. How to find out if someone has dating profiles, you might ask. In this case, this service is just a perfect pick for you, which can find both dating and fake social media accounts, using just your partner’s name and email. And the best of it? It’s available for free!

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