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A young man considers his dating options viewing pictures of young women on his spartphone.
So many options...

Life is complicated enough without a cheating partner. Are you considering a new relationship or leveling up an existing one? Either way you have the right to protect yourself from infidelity.

iFindCheaters is constantly developing new online search tools to help you feel confident. A life partner should be a lover and a best friend. That means trust and respect. If someone is dishonest about their online activity, they don’t trust you enough. In a committed relationship trust needs to be mutual.

If someone enjoys looking at erotic material that doesn’t make them a bad person. If they feel they need to hide it that may mean they have other issues. Two dimensional images are not a threat to your relationship. The behavior of hiding things might be.

Knowing what kind of adult content your potential partner likes can be an ice breaker. The type of sites they visit will tell you a lot about them. You do have the right to know who you are getting involved with. Consider it erotic recon. You may find out you have similar fantasies. You may also discover that they are into things you are not comfortable with. Whatever you discover it is much better to know before you get involved.

If you are already in a committed relationship sudden secrecy can be a warning sign. If you suspect your partner is up to something shady online iFindCheaters can help. Your partner may just be looking. If so, start flirting with them! The daily grind of routine makes us forget to enjoy each other.

If your partner has started chatting and/or meeting people, then cheating is next. You need to talk about it. Ask them straight what is missing. If you believe that your relationship is worth fighting for, do it! That doesn’t mean dramatic confrontations. What it takes is candid conversations that include sex.

The tools iFindCheaters offers can provide you valuable intel. Discovering that your partner has active online dating accounts might upset you. Understanding how important that information is softens the blow. Look at the sites they subscribe to. What do those platforms promise users? What is their sales pitch? That information can help you save the relationship or decide to move on.

The greatest insurance against cheating is talking candidly about sex. If you don’t want them to wander be open to experimentation. If you are getting involved with someone you should want to know what they are into. If their sexual likes/needs make you uncomfortable from the beginning, that problem won’t go away.

iFindCheaters can help you catch one. What you need to think about is what your next steps will be. If you want a cheater to come clean, you need to be honest too. That includes facing the reality of what you are willing to invest. Love means embracing someone as they are, including yourself. Thinking that you can change them or you, that is a recipe for disaster.

Wanting to grow together is a realistic goal. What that requires is sharing all your weirdness. Difficult conversations about turn ons and turn offs are part of that. Owning what you want is the first step towards finding a committed relationship. Sharing that information with the person you find attractive is the second step. How willing they are to share with you is a strong indicator of potential for success.

Confidential search technology can help you protect yourself from serial daters. Cheaters use technology to find playmates. You can use it too and become more confident in your relationship. For a detailed explanation of how we find cheaters click HERE to read more.

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