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nine signs your partner might be cheating

A woman sees her partner texting somebody else while they are in bed.
Cheaters never prosper, at love.

If you are in a committed relationship you expect a certain amount of transparency. It is important to remember who you are and feel respected. You shouldn’t need to stop being yourself. The same holds true for your partner. It is normal for there to be ups and downs in any relationship. There are however certain changes that may indicate that your partner is a cheater.

#1 Flirtation is Flattering

If you don’t give your partner much attention, someone else on social media may. Stay aware. If your partner is spending more time than usual on their devices check for accounts on new apps orplatforms. They may be flirting to boost their self-esteem. If they are only chatting and not cheating use your home court advantage to nip it in the bud.

#2 Sudden New Interests

Hobbies are great. A new hobby that doesn’t include you may conceal opportunities for infidelity. If from one day to the next they are spending hours in a new activity beware! Do someresearchand get the intel on their hobby so you will know if they are using it as a smoke screen.

#3 Instant Workaholic

If your partner had a regular work schedule but suddenly starts working extended hours, red flag! Leaving for work earlier and or coming home later may be signs of cheating. Discuss the new routine with them. Make note of any inconsistencies or sudden changes in their mood.

#4 Guilt Gifting

Little surprises can be loving gestures. They can show that your lover is thinking about you. If you notice a pattern though it may mean they have a guilty conscience. Are there particular days/times that you receive the surprise gifts? Are they meant to make up for other together time that is missed? A cheating partner is very likely to try andcompensatewith material gifts.

#5 Date nights Dropped

Are times you typically spent together suddenly spent with unspecified “friends”? A serial cheater may try to honor the date night but cut it short due to unforeseen events. A crisis at work or a friend in need may be used as excuses to get away.

#6 Passion Fades

Routine can suck the juice out of your sex life. If your partner becomes uninterested sexually that may mean they are being satisfied elsewhere. If your partner pulls away, then you should reach out. They may just be under stress. Affectionate attention is important. It reminds your partner that you are still attracted to them. When you let them know they will be less likely to cheat.

#7 The Dutiful Launderette

We’ve already looked at unusual behavior changes. When your partner suddenly feels compelled to take on the laundry alone be gracious but cautious. They may genuinely want to lighten your load. Or they may be using a pretext to eliminate evidence!

#8 Smart Phone Smarts

Does your partner freak out when you touch their phone? That may be a sign they are cheating. Checking their phone may provide clues indicating extra-relationship activity. If they seem unconcerned that may mean they have nothing to hide. If they are tech savvy though they may have a second pay-as-you-go phone or even a second SIM card in their phone for another number, you are unaware of. To check for that possibility, go to Settings > Connections > SIM Card Manager. You will see there whether there is a second SIM and it should list the number. With the number you can check if it is active on othersocial media appssuch as Tinder, Viber, What’s App, Snap Chat or Instagram.

#9 Yours, Mine, Ours

If you are in a long-term committed relationship and are living together you should have an idea of each other’s economic situation. If your partner is secretive about finances, that may indicate that they have expenses they don’t want you to know about. If you are planning to build a future together then there should be full disclosure. Refusal to discuss it or attempts to hide documents like credit card statements may indicate that your partner is a cheater.

In acommitted relationshipyou shouldn’t have to worry about cheating. If you have suspicions you should talk about them. If your partner becomes defensive and refuses to discuss the matter you may want to reconsider your situation. You deserve to be happy and your partner should be willing to speak openly about relationship concerns.

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