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how to find someone on tinder

Can you search for someone on tinder?


  1. Have you got a Tinder profile?
  2. How to check if someone is on Tinder by location?
  3. Can I find someone on Tinder without signing up?

These days a lot of folks are looking to Tinder to ignite their love lives. Even some people in committed relationships give in to the temptation of quick and easy hook ups that a Tinder profile promises. Other commonsocial media platformslike Facebook offer a dating component. But the people on those platforms may be very far away so there is no immediate excitement. A lot of readers ask: “How can I find someone on Tinder?”. We are going to show you that you do not have to be a Tinder spy to discover if your partner has an active account.

Lots of articles suggest that you create a Tinder profile yourself to search for your partner from the “inside”. That is a marketing ploy, they figure if they get you to sign up, even if things go south in your current relationship that curiosity will keep you swiping. That is one way how to see who is on Tinder in general or even to find someone specific on Tinder. To do that successfully you need to know how it works.

Have you got a Tinder profile?

If you have created a Tinder profile to try and find someone on Tinder by name there are a few important things you need to know. As a basic Tinder user you cannot just look up a Tinder profile. There are specific steps in how to see if someone is active on Tinder. Most users keep the information they share pretty sketchy. If you are trying to hook up with random strangers you probably do not want them to know much about you. The point is to grab opportunities for uncomplicated encounters close to where you are, so you do not need to waste time getting to and from your person of interest’s location.

The time saved by location specific searching is one of the things cheaters like most about this platform. If you want to know how you search for someone on Tinder there are two important pieces of information you need: their location, and their age.

How to check if someone is on Tinder by location?

By location they do not mean that person’s physical address, but rather an area that they are active in. A lot of serial daters prefer to search outside their residential or workplace areas as that lessens the chances of accidentally running into previous dates. A basic Tinder profile only allows you to search within certain parameters. The default distance setting from your device’s location is a 50 mile radius. That may sound like a good thing, but if your partner has a fairly common first name and you are in a densely populated area you may need to swipe through hundreds of potential matches in the Tinder profile checker. That is a time consuming way to search Tinder profiles. The first important step in how to find someone on Tinder is to check Tinder profile:

1.Go to your profile.

• To get to your profile click on the profile icon in the top left corner of the screen.
• Click on the ‘settings’ cog icon.
• Below the ‘Distance’ and ‘Age Range’ sliders you will see “Show Me on Tinder” with a switch next to it. If you disable the switch your profile will not appear as active in other people’s searches.

2.Change your search radius settings.

• Open the app and allow location access.
• Go into your profile and click on ‘settings’.
• Check if the app is set to search in relation to your location.

• Increase or decrease the search radius by using the slider: drag right for a larger radius, left for a smaller one. The smaller the radius the fewer potential matches that will be shown.

• Look over the search preferences to be sure that the age-range selected fits your person of interest

• Enter their first name the way you think they would enter it for their profile.

3.Change the age range settings.

• The age range slider default setting is from 18-100. I have two adjustable ends so you can raise the minimum age and lower the maximum to narrow down the number of potential matches.
• Slide the left end to the right to raise the minimum age. 
• Slide the right end to the left to lower the maximum.
• Even if you know the exact age of your person of interest it is better to use an age range. He or she may not be using their actual age if they are seeking younger or older partners.
• Be sure to tap on ‘Done’ in the upper right corner to save the changes.

Once you have adjusted the settings you are ready tosearch Tinder profiles! Be prepared that you probably will not find someone’s last name on Tinder. As mentioned above, personal information tends to be kept to a minimum on this platform.

Can I find someone on Tinder without signing up?

Actually, you can! iFindCheatersoffers the six different services:

Search on Dating Sites
Search on Social Media
Search on XXX Websites
Search on Live Sex Cam Streams
Listing Locator

And the sixth of them isTinder Blasterthat allows you to browse Tinder profiles anonymously. We created this service for people who want to perform a Tinder search without registering on that platform or downloading the app. Many customers asked us to create a Tinder finder, a service that could remove their doubts about their partner. “Can I find out if girlfriend in on Twitter?” was a question we received repeatedly.

The way our Tinder Blaster Basic service works is that you enter the name, location, and age you think your partner is using.  The main profile pictures of any Tinder users meeting those criteria will be displayed for you to check. You get to browse Tinder profiles without an account! If the basic search is too narrow for one additional credit you can perform an extended search. With this option you can select an age-range and larger radius distance. Once you have found the profile of your person of interest you can also request a profile update that will reveal their Tinder ID and profile details.

We hope you have found this guide onhow to find someone on Tinderhelpful. For more useful information we invite you to read our other blog articles and check out our selection of E-Books. Here at iFindCheaters we are your relationship watchdog. We want you to have the committed relationship you deserve.

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