teri copley responds to john stamos cheating allegations

Teri Copley has spoken out in response to claims made by her ex, John Stamos, regarding an alleged cheating incident in the '80s, as detailed in Stamos' memoir, "If You Would Have Told Me." Maybe through all the ways to catch a cheater, an honest talk isn’t the worst one?


In a 19-minute YouTube video, Copley counters Stamos' narrative, asserting that she and Stamos were already separated at the time of the said incident. Copley takes viewers through a timeline of their relationship, beginning with a phone call from Stamos' mother, who allegedly warned her not to anticipate marriage because Stamos had no intention of marrying her.

Copley recounts breaking up with Stamos after the phone call, explaining that she believed he didn't love her. The encounter with Tony Danza occurred a few days later, and Copley insists it happened differently than Stamos portrayed in his memoir.

Contrary to Stamos' description of finding Copley and Danza undressed in her guest house, Copley asserts that she was fully dressed, had no guest house, and Stamos knocked on her front door. According to Copley, Stamos didn't find them in an intimate situation as depicted in the memoir. Instead, she claims he saw Danza's car, knocked on her door, and disapprovingly shook his head at her response.

Copley reveals that she and Stamos attempted to rekindle their relationship later in life, but it never materialized into a lasting romance. She shares a post-divorce conversation where she informed Stamos about his mother's warning, and he expressed regret, claiming he would have married her.

Expressing feeling blindsided by Stamos' cheating allegations, Copley emphasizes that this portrayal contradicts the John Stamos she knew. Despite the hurt caused by the accusations, she concludes the video by forgiving Stamos, expressing happiness for his family, and pledging ongoing prayers for him and his loved ones.

Anyway, what could be worse, than a story where husband catches wife cheating?


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